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15 Hour Drug Education and Awareness Class

This class is designed for those that need to take a drug offender class for a 15 hour requirement. Our online class provides the same content as our in person programs but allows for total anonymity. The class is presented in a non punitive format emphasizing quality education. In 2008 there were close to 40,000 deaths associated with accidental drug overdose. Most of these deaths involved heroin, cocaine or other narcotics. In an effort to not let this problem worsen, education programs such as this one are put in place to help individuals like you not only meet a court requirement, but also better understand the dangers of using drugs.

Get With The Program!

You are likely on our website because you used some type of illegal drug. There is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that drugs kill more people each year than certain types of cancers. The good news is that you are still alive and have a second change to make a change. You will gain valuable skills in this online class. We have taken great measures to create a quality learning experience while also helping you gain the certificate of completion you need to fulfill your requirement.

What Makes this 15 Hour Drug Class Worth Taking?

  • No hassle online 24/7 access
  • No judgment from instructors or students
  • Easy to understand education content
  • Instant Certificate of Completion (upon request)
  • Licensed oversight for each class
  • Immediate access to class, no waiting!

Available Drug Classes

Program Price
8 Hour Level 1 Drug Class $175.00 Register
12 Hour Level 2 Drug Class $195.00 Register
15 Hour Drug Class $255.00 Register
16 Hour Level 2 Drug Class $275.00 Register
20 Hour Level 2 Drug Class $295.00 Register
24 Hour Level 3 Drug Class $325.00 Register
PC1000 DEJ Program $395.00 Register
PC1000 DEJ Program (Spanish) $395.00 Register

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Class Objectives:

This class is designed for persons who are requested to take a drug offender education class for court, drug court, health or legal reasons. The goal of the class is to teach effective skills to reduce drug abuse and to better understand the impact substances have on us and society.

Acceptance and Approval

We know that our classes are taken for a variety of reasons, such as a court or other legal requirement. While many states accepted our 15 hour class, it is not acceptable for every possible requirement or agency. It is your responsibility to get prior approval to take this class online before enrolling to ensure that will will meet your specific requirements. Please note that the TX DPS does not currently accept online classes at this time. If you are unable to get prior approval, we do offer a 60 day refund policy. Please click here for guarantee and disclaimer information.

How Does This Class Work?

You do not need to be a computer guru to take this class. If you found this page on your own, then you have enough computer savvy to take our program. Its mostly just clicking of a mouse that is needed. The course is a series of short content, videos, quiz questions and a final exam. Unlike most online programs, we actually review each class by a real instructor and your certificate has a real signature on it.

Guaranteed and Trusted Program

We believe every customer deserves to have a quality, trusted and guaranteed experience online. Learn more about our guarantee.