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AlcoholDrugClass offers this AB 762 program for those that received a DUI in California but live and hold a driver's license in another state. This is a 45 hour program that is designed to meet court requirements for those who are required to complete this program. Do not take this class if you have a CA driver’s license or intend on obtaining a CA driver's license. This program is also referred to as the AB 762 Alcohol Class/Program or the AB 762 DUI Program.

This 45 hour class will discuss the risks and consequences of alcohol and its impact on one’s life. Specific areas of discussion will include:

  • How alcohol effects thinking, judgment and impulse Control
  • Legal, financial, emotional and behavioral impact of alcohol
  • Statistics relating to alcohol use, abuse and dependence
  • Addition, causes, and treatment
  • Skills for ending alcohol abuse and addition
  • Resources and information for maintaining sobriety
  • Laws surrounding alcohol and operating a motor vehicle

Available Classes for non-CA Residents and non-CA DMV Requirements

Program Price
12 hour Wet Reckless SB1176 $195.00 Register
AB341 Program $325.00 Register
32 Hour Alcohol Class & AB541 $395.00 Register
45 Hour AB 762 Class $595.00 Register
60 Hour AB1353 Class $795.00 Register
78 Hour SB38 Class $895.00 Register

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Who is this class designed for?

This class is primarily taken by those who received a DUI in CA but hold a DL in another state and need to meet CA requirements. We recommend you get prior approval to take this class online first from either your attorney or the court to ensure it will meet your specific requirements. This class is specifically taken for those that were ordered to attend an AB 762 class or a 45 hour alcohol education program.

How do I register for this class?

Registration is simple and easy. Just click on the RED register now button above and fill out the registration form, pay for the class and you can start instantly. Once you complete the class, you will be issued a certificate of completion.

Need help?

We provide customer service by phone or email. By phone, call our office M-F from 8:00am- 6:00pm. We are happy to provide information from a live representative. By email, use our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours or less via email 7 days a week.

*This class is for non-residents of California who received a DUI in the state of CA. This class is not approved for California residents and those who hold a CA drivers license. These courses should be taken for out of state residents only who have a court ordered requirement only. These are not approved for DMV requirement.