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SB1176 Wet Reckless 12 Hour class

This is a 12 hour alcohol awareness class for those required to take a SB1176 class. This program can be taken completely online and is ideal for completing the wet reckless/DUI requirement. This is the shortest requirement available for first time offenders and is taken for violating the CA vehicle code 23103.5.

Who Should Take this Class?

This class will meet California requirements for those that received a DUI in CA but reside in another state. If you live in CA and hold a California drivers license then you must get prior approval to take this class online. These classes are frequently taken for court requirements, but should not be taken for a CA department of motor vehicles requirement.

What Will You Learn?

Like most of our online alcohol classes, you will learn skills to better understand how alcohol affects us. Some key points of the class include:

  • Risks and Dangers of Alcohol Intoxication
  • Laws surrounding driving under the influence
  • Understanding ways to cope with Alcohol use, abuse and addiction
  • How to make better lifestyle choices
  • Stages for Change
  • Coping skills for reducing alcohol use

Available California DUI Classes* (for non-CA residents only or those with prior approval from the court)

Program Price
12 hour Wet Reckless SB1176 $195.00 Register
AB341 Program $325.00 Register
32 Hour Alcohol Class & AB541 $395.00 Register
45 Hour AB 762 Class $595.00 Register
60 Hour AB1353 Class $795.00 Register
78 Hour SB38 Class $895.00 Register

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*This class is for non-residents of California who received a DUI in the state of CA. This class is not approved for California residents and those who hold a CA drivers license. These courses should be taken for out of state residents only who have a court ordered requirement only. These are not approved for DMV requirement.

Why Choose Alcohol Drug Class?

Alcohol Drug Class has been providing alcohol awareness classes online since 2008 and our parent company, AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been providing online educational classes since 2003. We know how demanding and time consuming taking a class can be. We have simplified this process by offering a comprehensive course that can be taken anytime time of day or night. Registration is simple and easy.

Technical Support and Customer Service Needs?

Don’t worry, you do not need to be a computer genius to take this wet-reckless class. Once you register, you will have instant access. If you have questions, please call our office at 949-715-2694. You can also email us 24 hours a day with technical questions through our contact form.

What Our Customers Say:

  • “I am so glad this class was available to me. I needed to meet this requirement but live in New Mexico. I was able to finish the class in just a few days.” Ronald C. – Santa Fe, NM
  • “I thought I was going to have to sit in a classroom to meet this SB1176 requirement. Fortunately I didn’t have to miss time away from work. This online class was awesome!” Frank M. – Chico, CA
  • “I was really nervous to have to take a class like this. I actually learned a lot about why alcohol use is so dangerous. I got my certificate of completion in just one day and met my court ordered requirements. Thank you!” George R. – Portland, OR