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The PC1000 class is a great program for many defendants because it helps for the court system, law enforcement and the defendant in many cases. The CA penal code 1000 also known as PC1000 states that the defendant must voluntarily agree to have their case sent to probation and the probation department will then determine if they are eligible and the judge will set a hearing date.

Typically, it is at this hearing that the judge will decide the acceptance of the diversion. This is often called a Deferred Entry of Judgment and the defendant must comply. When the defendant agrees to the PC1000 class, they must plead guilty, complete their program and pay a restitution fee of not less than $100 and not more that $1000.It is the defendant’s responsibility to pay for all costs associated with their education and other related expenses associated with the requirement.

Benefits of the Class

The advantage to the PC1000 class is that once it is completed, the charges are dropped and it is usually eliminated from his/her record. If the defendant does not complete all the requirements, then they may face criminal charges, which could include additional fines and/or jail time.

Program Price
PC1000 DEJ Program $395.00 Register
PC1000 DEJ Program (Spanish) $395.00 Register

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Drug Diversion Class Online for PC1000

The nice thing about the DEJ program is that it is a diversion program for first time offenders. In many ways, offenders are given a second chance. Our PC1000 program is a 20 hour class. If you need or require a longer program, we can add additional hours upon request. Students may also be required to take random drug tests. Drug testing must be done separately from this online program, if required. Please get prior approval to take this class to ensure a distance learning format will be acceptable for your specific requirements.

Why Use Alcohol Drug Class?

Our company has been providing distance learning education classes since 2003. We know how important it is to meet your requirements and be able to complete them conveniently and easy. Our online class is simple to use and available from any computer, smart phone or other Internet ready device. You must get prior approval from probation to take the class online. We do not provide drug testing, so you if your probation requires you to have drug testing, you will need to do this component at a local facility in your area.

CA Based Provider

We are based in CA, which can often make a difference for the PC1000 requirement. Classes typically must be taken by a program in the state and are primarily taken by out of state residents who have a requirement in CA. We recommend getting prior approval to take the class online before registration.

Free Certification of Completion, Excellent Customer Care

Our certificate is included with the cost of the PC1000 class and is completely online. Need support or have technical questions? Call our office at 949-715-2694.