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Read what our clients have to say about our online alcohol awareness and minor in possession classes:

“Dr. Novick,

Thank you very much for the rapid response to our email. I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate the Online alcohol awareness course and services you have provided. I will recommend this program to many of my colleagues who know people in situations this course covers. I was able to research the class and contact you to make sure it was equivalent to the court requirements and my husband was able to take the course in a timely manner. The program is very streamlined and easy to use.”
Amanda L. — El Paso, TX
“I just completed my course and I would like to say that it was very informative and educational, was definitely well worth the time and money spent on it. I thank you once again for your support and wish you a happy holidays!”
Charles A. — Galveston, TX
“This course has really changed not only my viewpoint on drugs and alcohol but more importantly helping me to find a way to communicate with my parents, the real problem behind our shaky relationship. Thank you very much. It has really been a life changer.”
Nicholas W. — Lynnwood, WA
“I collaborated with Dr. Novick last December and took the 12 hour alcohol awareness course and just passed the final last night. I want to compliment you on constructing a really informative course that hit home base with teaching the uninformed such as myself. I wasn't exposed to alcohol or drugs from my parents at all, but in the section that spoke of adolescents I saw myself. By eighth grade, I had been in 6 different schools due to relocating because of my Father’s line of work, and fell behind in school with all the moving around. Though I never had seen either one of my parents drunk or high, I see how I became vulnerable with the instability during my childhood. It all makes sense. Thanks for such a wonderful program.”
Christopher C. — Santa Rosa, CA
“Thank you very much. Your program was actually helpful beyond words can explain and was well worth the time and money. ”
Fred D. — Modesto, CA
“Thank you for the great learning experience and prompt service. I will highly recommend your program!”
Bernard C. — Rye, NY
“I just wanted to say once again that I learned a lot from this course. It was interesting to read the material and I ended up finishing the class in one day! Your customer service was fantastic and the course met my court requirement. Thank you so much.”
Alanna O. — St. Augustine, FL
“Thank you for providing this service. As a single mother with limited resources such as time, this course was a blessing. I made my mistakes and had to complete a course in order to meet the requirements of a DUI charge. There are no in person classes near my home, and those that are within driving distance would hamper my ability to take care of my children by keeping me from being home when they are as well as the cost from commuting decreasing my ability to financially provide for them. Once again, thank you.”
Susanna D. — Cowan, TN
“ provided an excellent course. The course was spot on and very helpful. Thank you so much!”
Logan H. — Huntersville, NC
“Thanks for the awesome help and eye opening experience!! I learned a great deal and received my certificate of completion for my alcohol awareness class in less than 24 hours!”
Jonathan W. — Washington, IL
“The course was full of a lot of useful and important information that I will carry with me hopefully forever! I appreciate the quick responses to all my questions. Excellent Minor in Possession program online! Thank-you”
Richard Y. — Thunder Bay, ON
“This online alcohol and drug awareness program online was perfect. I’m gracious because i enjoyed my experience and will definitely recommend.”
Enrico M. — Stone Mountain, GA
“The course was very useful, and I feel that I now know much more about alcohol and drug addiction. Your information would have taken me months to compile alone. Thanks!!”
Michael M. — Perkin, IL
“It was a really a great learning experience . Thank you for the ease of this course. I will recommend this link to any one who needs it! It was really easy, and all you have to do is read the passage and answer the questions. Excellent learning experience and provided compliance with my court ordered alcohol awareness class.”
John E. — Huntersville, NC