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Online Classes for Minors (21 and Under) or Those Cited While Still a Minor

It is estimated that 1.5 million teens ages 12 – 17 met the criteria for alcohol treatment in 2010 with those same ages reporting drinking 5 or more drinks on occasion. Teens need help now more than ever. We offer four excellent classes for those that need to take a Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Drug class, Minor in Consumption Class, or Underage Drinking Class. We have a level 1, 8 hour class, a level 2, 12 hour class, a level 2, 16 hour class as well as a level 3, 24 hour class. These classes meet requirements throughout the United States for minor persons required to complete a program due to a citation for:

  • Minor in Possession of alcohol (MIP)
  • Minor in Consumption of alcohol (MIC) or
  • Minor possession of drugs or paraphernalia.

These courses are also ideal for high school or college students who need to take an educational program either for a legal requirement or as part of continued participation at school or school functions.

Our online MIP classes were developed by Dr. Ari Novick, Ph.D. and other licensed clinicians and experts in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. These online classes were written and designed for teens and use engaging and stimulating content aimed to educate a young adult audience.

Our 8 hour, 12 hour, 16 hour, 20 hour and 24 hour classes are most commonly taken for a court, legal, school, probation or other requirements or simply for personal growth. Our programs help teach underage drinkers or users about the risks and consequences of either alcohol or drugs.

Program Price
4 Hour MIP Class $125.00 Register
8 Hour MIP Class $175.00 Register
12 Hour MIP Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour MIP Class $275.00 Register
24 Hour MIP Class $325.00 Register

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Highlights of this class include:

  • Risks and damaging effects of drugs and alcohol for minors
  • Physical, emotional and legal consequences of underage usage
  • How to become more responsible
  • Coping skills for staying sober and making good choices
  • Understanding drug and alcohol categories
  • Skills for staying safe

Who is a Candidate for our Minor in Possession (MIP) Classes?

If you are under age (21) or were cited when you were under 21 for drinking or possessing alcohol or drugs then this class is for you. Common citations leading to the fulfillment of this class may include: "Minor in Possession, Minor in Consumption or Possession of Alcohol Under the Legal age". Our courses were designed to meet the educational requirements of those who need to take an MIP class.

Get your Certificate of Completion and Authenticity, FREE

We will always provide a written certificate when you complete our class. It comes via U.S. Mail and is signed and embossed. Any court, school or legal official can contact our office to verify its authenticity. Each certificate has a unique ID number and only an authentic certificate can be verified.

Why Choose us for your MIP Requirement?

Our programs are not just created by experts, but actually administered and run by a licensed provider. We provide customer service that is unparalleled in our industry and offer a superior program to our competitors. When you register for our minor in possession class, you will have a positive, upbeat educational experience and the customer support you need.

Our programs are fully guaranteed and have a broad range of approvals. Click here to read about our guarantee.