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Welcome to the Spring Independent School District Drug & Alcohol Education class presented by the AJ Novick Group, Inc. and This is an online educationally based drug and alcohol program specifically designed for pre-teens and teenagers 11-19 years old for use within the Spring Independent School District.

To register for the class at no cost, you must be a SISD student and have received a special "Offer Code" from school administration. Click the "Register Now" button below, fill out the registration form and enter the offer code. You will not be required to make a payment and you can start the class instantly. The class is available from any computer with internet access 24/7.

What Will Students in Our Class Learn?

Students can expect to learn about the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol use and abuse. They will be exposed to the various types of drugs that exist, the effects they have on the brain and body and the damage they cause. They will learn about alcohol use and addiction, and the long lasting damage alcohol can cause to one’s physical, emotional, social, and academic health. The course is loaded with DUI and Drug driving statistics as well as other data that illustrates the damaging effects of drugs and alcohol. Students will learn an array of new coping skills to improve their self-esteem, and help better equip them to make smart, educated choices. This class is often taken as a required class or can be taken as a preventative program.

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