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  • Kansas Alcohol Awareness Classes Online. If you’ve been ordered by the court of KS to attend alcohol awareness courses for an alcohol related infraction, look no further. Our online courses can help you handle your DUI or other alcohol related offenses with ease and from anywhere—all you need is Internet access.

  • Kansas DUI or DWI Classes Online. There is nothing fun about a DUI. Classes can be taken from the privacy of your own home. Get started today.

  • Kansas Drug Education Classes Online. Have you been ordered by the court to attend a drug education class? You’ve come to the right place. We offer drug education classes online, allowing you to conveniently and quickly complete your CT legal requirements from the comfort of your home.

  • Kansas MIP (Minor in Possession) Classes Online. If you’ve been charged with a minor in possession in Kansas, there’s no need to freak-out. Now, you can attend and complete your court-required classes online with our comprehensive MIP curriculum designed to get you back on track.

Drinking and driving accounts for thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. Across our country, nearly 42,000 people are killed in motor vehicle collisions, and approximately 16,000 of those deaths are directly related to alcohol. On an average, traffic accidents involving alcohol account for one death every 33 minutes, and for one person injured every two minutes, every year. Those numbers are frightening.

DUI Consequences in Kansas

Drunk driving in Kansas is a criminal offense, with penalties that range from fines upwards of $2,500, a possible 1-year jail sentence, a suspended license, and court-ordered alcohol and drug treatment programs that the driver is expected to pay for. Add all that to court costs, supervision fees, and increased car insurance rates, and you’ve got a hefty financial penalty. Repeat offenders can expect to pay even more out of pocket, with a fourth DUI charge reaching the felony level.

Commercial vehicle drivers who are arrested for DUI will not only face the same penalties as a passenger car driver, but will also lose their CDL for one year, essentially making it impossible to work.

Minors and adults under age 21 found to have a BAC of .02% or higher will face a mandatory 30-day license suspension, as well as 330 days of restricted driving privileges.

Drivers convicted of DUI with a child aged 14 or younger as a passenger will find their mandatory incarceration time increased by 1 month.

We Offer A Variety of Classes To Fit Your Needs

We offer several online classes to fit your needs in Kansas, including Alcohol Awareness, Drug Awareness, and Minor in Possession Classes. You can choose an 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24-hour class, depending upon your court ordered requirements or educational goals. Since our classes are exclusively offered online, you can take them in a way that is convenient for you - from your home or anywhere else. All you need is your computer or smart device and access to the Internet.

While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Kansas. Some of the most common areas include: El Dorado, Fort Riley, Ft Riley, Garden City, Hays, Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, Silver Lake, Topeka, Wichita and Winfield.

DUI and DWI Classes

Program Price
8 Hour Level 1 DUI Class $175.00 Register
10 Hour Level 1 DUI Class $185.00 Register
12 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $275.00 Register
20 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $295.00 Register
24 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $325.00 Register
36 Hour DUI Class $395.00 Register
48 Hour DUI Class $595.00 Register

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes

Program Price
8 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class $175.00 Register
10 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class $185.00 Register
12 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class $195.00 Register
12 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $275.00 Register
20 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $295.00 Register
24 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class $325.00 Register
32 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class $375.00 Register
36 Hour Drug/Alcohol Class $395.00 Register
48 Hour Drug/Alcohol Class $595.00 Register

Minor in Possession Classes

Program Price
4 Hour MIP Class $125.00 Register
8 Hour MIP Class $175.00 Register
12 Hour MIP Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour MIP Class $275.00 Register
24 Hour MIP Class $325.00 Register

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You Can Prevent Getting A DUI

  • Always go out with a Designated Driver. You could even offer to buy this person dinner in exchange for him/her not drinking. This is a small cost compared to the cost of a DUI.

  • Take a taxi or car service when you go out, so that you’re not even tempted to drive home intoxicated. Again, this cost is nothing compared to what it will cost you if you get a DUI in Kansas.

  • Live far away from where you’re partying? Make every effort to make arrangements to take a taxi to a friend’s house who may live closer.