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  • OK Alcohol Awareness Classes Online. If you’ve been convicted of a DUI or any other alcohol-related offense, you may be required to attend an alcohol awareness course. Our easy and flexible online classes allow Oklahoma residents to complete their program any day and at any time.

  • Oklahoma DUI, DWI and Impaired Driver Classes Online. Our programs are commonly taken for requirements that may be demanded of you. Check with your local DMV for prior approval.

  • Oklahoma MIP (Minor in Possession) Classes Online. Persons under 21 who are facing alcohol or drug charges can receive their OK MIP classes’ certificate of completion via our online program.

  • Oklahoma Drug Education Classes Online. Educate yourself on the risks and laws associated with drug and alcohol charges in OK with our comprehensive online classes designed to fulfill court-required drug and alcohol classes.

Drinking, drugs, and driving can undoubtedly be an extremely costly and deadly combination. In Oklahoma, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws are tough. If you get convicted in Oklahoma for DUI, penalties can range from a license suspension to jail time to a prison sentence, depending on the circumstances. The laws are no joking matter.

Just Had One Drink?

Alcohol, no matter how small the amount you intake, will slow your reaction time and impair your senses. You may feel sober after drinking only a small amount of alcohol, but study after study shows that even one drink can make you less alert, which impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle.

A Summary of Some of Oklahoma’s DUI Laws:

If a police officer pulls you over and suspects that you’ve been drinking in Oklahoma, he or she will ask you to take a breath test. Under Oklahoma law, if you are driving a motor vehicle, you have given what is known as implied consent to be tested by an officer if you are suspected of drinking and driving. Refusal to take the test will mean your driver’s license is immediately revoked, even if you have not been drinking. Furthermore, refusing could result in you being arrested. The revocation will stay in effect for at least 180 days, and up to three years, depending on your driving record.

What If I’m a Minor?

If you are under the age of 21, any amount of alcohol detected in your system will result in the your driver's license being revoked, even if you are not convicted of DUI in court.

The Penalties

Other than the fact that you could seriously injure yourself or someone else while driving under the influence, there are stiff penalties for DUI in Oklahoma. A first conviction of DUI in Oklahoma can bring penalties of fines and jail time. On a third offense, you’re looking at fines of up to $10,000 and up to 10 years in jail.

Educate Yourself

Want to avoid ever getting convicted of a DUI in Oklahoma. One of the most important things you can do is to arm yourself with knowledge. Our classes offer this knowledge, and will help you to understand the drug and alcohol laws in Oklahoma. The more you know, the less likely you may be to abuse alcohol and drugs, and to break the law.

While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Oklahoma. Some of the most common areas include: Broken Arrow, Caddo, Colbert, Edmond, Harrah, Henryetta, Lawton, Midwest City, Norman, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Stillwater, Tahlequah and Tulsa.

DUI and DWI Classes

Program Price
8 Hour Level 1 DUI Class $175.00 Register
10 Hour Level 1 DUI Class $185.00 Register
12 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $275.00 Register
20 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $295.00 Register
24 Hour Level 2 DUI Class $325.00 Register
36 Hour DUI Class $395.00 Register
48 Hour DUI Class $595.00 Register

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes

Program Price
8 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class $175.00 Register
10 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class $185.00 Register
12 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class $195.00 Register
12 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $275.00 Register
20 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $295.00 Register
24 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class $325.00 Register
32 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class $375.00 Register
36 Hour Drug/Alcohol Class $395.00 Register
48 Hour Drug/Alcohol Class $595.00 Register

Minor in Possession Classes

Program Price
4 Hour MIP Class $125.00 Register
8 Hour MIP Class $175.00 Register
12 Hour MIP Class $195.00 Register
16 Hour MIP Class $275.00 Register
24 Hour MIP Class $325.00 Register

What Makes Our Classes Different

With work and family obligations, who has time to go sit in a class? Our classes are offered completely online, and will satisfy most courts’ requirements. We offer courses at 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 hours long so that you can choose what best suits you, and/or your requirements ordered by the court. Whether you’ve been convicted of a DUI, or you just want to understand the laws better in order to avoid ever getting a DUI, our classes are for you.

We also have an excellent and knowledgeable customer service team who is here to answer your questions from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time.

Money Back Guarantee

We know our programs work, and we know we offer the best product out there. We’re so sure of this that we’ll offer you your money back within 30 days of payment if you are not satisfied.