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  • Utah Alcohol Awareness Classes Online. If you’ve been ordered by the court of Utah to attend alcohol awareness courses for an alcohol related infraction or are seeking preventative education, we have the specialized class for you. Our online courses fit into any schedule – all you need is internet access.

  • Utah MIP (Minor in Possession) Classes Online. If you’ve been charged with a minor in possession in Utah, we can help get you back on track. Attend and complete your court-ordered classes and at your own pace with our comprehensive MIP courses available online.

  • Online Utah DUI Classes. Take Your UT program from your computer or phone with ease.

  • Online Drug and Alcohol Classes for Utah. Don’t let a drug or alcohol offense become any more stressful than it already is. Choose our fast, affordable, and flexible online drug and alcohol classes for Utah and complete the program at your leisure.

A DUI in Utah begins the moment you are pulled over and not even a BAC (blood alcohol content) of less than .08% can always save you. If an officer suspects you of driving under the influence, he/she may immediately replace your license with a temporary one that will expire in 29 days. This suspension of driving privileges will likely continue upon a court hearing where you can face various legal repercussions, which may include a hefty fine, jail time, community service, addiction treatment, drug and alcohol education, and more.

Why Take Utah Online Courses?

DUI offenses are taken extremely seriously in Utah. The best best is not to get one. Whether you have already been convicted or you simply want to make sure you never are, our courses are designed to fit your needs. Because our classes are offered online, and are not timed, you can complete them at your leisure from home or anywhere you have access to a computer or phone with Internet access. We offer 8-hour, 12-hour, 16-hour, 20-hour, and 24-hour courses, depending on your court requirements (if convicted) or learning interests (preventative education).

While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Utah. Some of the most common areas include: Cedar City, Holladay, Ivins, Layton, LEHI, Magna, Murray, Ogden, Orem, Park City, PAROWAN, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Syracuse and West Jordan.

Available Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes

Program Price
8 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class $175.00 Register For 8 Hour Level 1 Drug/Alcohol Class
12 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $195.00 Register For 12 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class
16 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $275.00 Register For 16 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class
20 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class $295.00 Register For 20 Hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class
24 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class $325.00 Register For 24 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class
32 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class $375.00 Register For 32 Hour Level 3 Drug/Alcohol Class

Customer Reviews

“We have a teens at home who are about to go off to college, which is hard in many ways. We know we can’t control what they do when they’re off on their own, but we felt that sitting down as a family to be educated on this topic was extremely important. We chose one of the courses and dedicated a week to doing it as a family after dinner every night. It was a great family activity, and a valuable investment in our kids’ safety”. - Samantha C. - Ogden, UT

Our Value

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our courses whether you’re taking them to educated yourself and/or your family, or if you need to fulfill a court-ordered obligation because of a DUI conviction. Because we are confident in our services, we guarantee your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, you may contact us within 30-days for a complete refund. Our customer service team is here for you every Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm to answer your questions and help you get started. Just register above and you’re on your way!