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Many young people start drinking in high school because they think alcohol makes them look older and it helps them with fitting into the “in” crowd. Although social drinking is considered to be acceptable and common, it is important for both the young and old to know that 9% of all alcoholics are considered to be chronic severe alcoholics, and that many in this category started drinking during their teenage years.

Alcohol abuse not only can destroy the life of the person that is drinking but it impacts the lives of their spouses and their children. These problems are not always confined to the home, since people that drink more than their share of alcohol can affect the community as a whole. Unfortunately, people who drink and drive can cause both serious as well as fatal accidents. This is one of the main reasons why people that drink should consider and review all of the reasons to quit. Listed below is a list of the top reasons to stop drinking alcohol.

1) Most people believe drinking is fun because it helps them to relax and fit in with others. This fun night of drinking does not include the next morning's experience, which includes vomiting, hangovers and blackouts. However, when the person stops drinking, these painful experiences can be eliminated.

2) No more alcohol will also eliminate the red eyes and dark circles. People who drink too much often pass-out, but the sleep is short-lived and they often are awakened in the middle of the night as the body processes the alcohol. No drinking means the person can look more rested and fresh in the morning, especially when they have to go to work.

3) Another major benefit of not drinking is the cost savings. Buying alcohol on a regular basis can be a major blow to the family budget. Therefore, the money that is saved can go to other essentials including a child's college education.

4) Drinking and driving is no longer a risk for the person that quits. When people like to drink, their judgment is often impaired. Hence, the risks are higher for drinking and driving.

5) Family history of alcoholism has a greater chance of being reversed. Due to various studies, if the family has a history of alcoholism, there is a greater chance that these issues will be passed on to additional generations.

6) Health problems and concerns are reduced and avoided. Alcoholics have higher chances of getting liver disease, hepatitis, some types of cancer, and cholesterol issues.

7) Immune system is improved and corrected. Those who drink regularly are at a higher risk of getting different types of infectious diseases because their immune systems do not work properly.

8) Lower risks of getting a sexually transmitted disease. With alcohol consumption, the person is not always completely aware of or in control of what they are doing or with whom.

9) When a person stops drinking alcohol, they will have better control of their moods because alcohol is also equated with depression and violence.

10) No more reasons to lie or be deceitful to others, especially about their drinking. Therefore, the person can be more honest and open.

If you or a loved one is interested in overcoming alcohol addiction, start by taking alcohol awareness courses online. These classes are available anywhere in the country from any web-based computer. They are low cost and convenient because you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home. Classes will take the alcoholic through the process of identifying why they drink and what the most effective tools are to help overcome the addiction. It is a completely relaxed way to approach the subject and to begin the discussion of how to change this behavior forever.  You can also find alcohol classes by state here.