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Here are 5 quick tips and suggestions for staying aware of the risks of alcohol and drug abuse.

1. The best policy as it relates to how much you should drink? Zero. Abstaining from alcohol creates the a 0% chance that you will make mistakes related to alcohol consumption. It's that simple.

2. If you do drink, drink responsibly. Have a designated driver elected BEFORE you go out. Have a friend monitor how much you've consumed and set up a plan for stopping drinking if he/she thinks you've had too much. Monitor your own consumption. If you are unable to do this, read step one above again.

3. Remind yourself of the risks of alcohol use, including the problems associated with geting a DUI, ruining a relationship due to bad behavior, or loosing your temper and saying and doing things you regret.

4. Don't let peer pressure allow you to make poor choices. Just because your friends are drinking or using drugs it doesn't mean you need to do the same thing to have fun. Using drugs or alcohol is a choice. You decide. Don't be a puppet, be a leader and lead yourself in the right direction

5. Alcohol awareness classes and educational courses can easily be found on the internet. Do a simple search for "alcohol drug classes" or "online alcohol awareness classes". Taking a program from a licensed and qualified provider may give you the tools to make the best possible decisions and better understand the risks of using and abusing drugs and alcohol.


For information on alcohol awareness courses or minor in possession classes, click in these links or call our office at 949 715-2694