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Alcohol addiction is ranked as the third most life threatening lifestyle disease. In the United States, approximately 79,000 deaths per year are related to alcohol use. Alcohol is found in malt or distilled liquor, wine, regular beer and distilled spirits. The amount of alcohol present in these drinks differs, with distilled liquor and spirits containing the highest amount of alcohol. People get alcohol from bars and pubs, restaurants as well as supermarkets. Besides alcohol, the following are other most used drugs:

• Marijuana. This drug is legal in some countries, but illegal in the United States without a prescription from a licensed doctor. It has some medicinal properties that have been found to be specifically helpful to cancer patients. However, it is more often used as a narcotic for relaxation and entertainment purposes. Its abuse can impart adverse effects on the user. The side effects of this drug affect the memory and motivation of the user. Most people who abuse this drug get it illegally from drug dealers who are found in and around high schools, or even adult friends. Popular terms used to refer to marijuana include hemp and weed.

• Cocaine. This drug comes from coca, a plant that is popularly grown in Latin America. This drug has been used to make pain- killers and refreshing drinks, because of its medicinal qualities and impacts on the energy levels of the user. However, it is one of the most popularly abused drugs, especially by the rich. Abuse of this drug leads to hallucinations, paranoia and an increase in heart rate while using. Although it is completely illegal in the United States, cocaine users get it from drug dealers and it is fairly easily accessible.

• Adderall. This is medication that is prescribed by physicians as a remedy for ADHD. It can help calm down and focus those with ADHD but is also an appetite suppressant and reacts like speed in the average person’s body. This medication has become more popular among college-aged kids and even new mom’s because it helps with weight loss and keeps your energy level up throughout the day. Its side effects include temporary insanity while on the medication. It is easily accessible from your medical physician if ADHD has been diagnosed for someone in the family.

• Heroin. This is a highly addictive drug that was once used to relieve coughs. Today it is unfortunately one of the most popular illegal drugs in our high schools. It has been said that it’s so addictive that trying it just once will get the person hooked. Side effects of Heroin use include shortness of breath, dry mouth, small pupils, cycles of hyper alertness followed by suddenly falling asleep and a droopy appearance. This drug is only accessible from drug dealers.

• LSD. This drug is illegal due to its life threatening effects. Its use is associated with visual hallucinations and strange experiences. Young people enjoy it because it takes you away from your daily troubles to a different, colorful, thought-provoking place. People who are high on the drug will often have dilated pupils, extreme changes in thought patterns, feelings on insight, confusion or paranoia and quickly changing emotions. While an individual is on LSD he is unable to make sensible judgments, which can lead to making dangerous choices. Long lasting side effects can include flashbacks and severe depression. People who abuse this drug get it from drug dealers.

For people who find themselves using any of these drugs in a manner that is adversely affecting their life, Alcohol and Drug Education classes online can help get on the road to sobriety.

All of these drugs mentioned can lead to serious health and behavior issues. Some include:

• Accidental injuries

• Risky sexual behaviors

• Violence

• Miscarriage

• Alcohol poisoning

• Neurological complications

• Cancer

• Social problems

• Liver diseases

• Cardiovascular diseases

• violence

Some of these effects are short-term while others are long-term and can eventually lead to death. Taking online classes can be a beneficial step towards recovery as they teach students information on the effects of alcohol and drug use, and how excessive use can lead to serious health issues.  One of the most popular interventions are alcohol awareness classes online.