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Are you a social drinker? Can social drinking lead to alcoholism? At what point does drinking alcohol become too much? If you have thought about where you fall on the drinking spectrum you might be interested to know moderate drinking is generally defined as no more than one drink per day for women and no more than two per day for men. For some people, drinking a glass of wine or a couple of beers each night after work is a social outlet that helps them to relax. However, you don’t have to drink alone to become an alcoholic. Someone who mainly drinks during social situations like birthdays, work parties, or with friends can also find himself becoming alcohol dependent. Individuals who are social drinkers usually don’t drink to become inebriated, but day after day use can create a tolerance in which the body begins to crave more.

One way to gain insight into your drinking behavior is to try to go to a party or out to dinner with friends and not drink. Or, try to go for a week or month without having any alcohol. Can you have fun around other people without using alcohol to help you relax or as a crutch to gain confidence?

If you’re wondering whether your social drinking has turned into something more complicated, ask yourself the following:

1) Do you use alcohol to cope with stress?

2) Do you get defensive if others show concern about your drinking habits?

3) Do you lie about how much you drink?

4) Has your tolerance to alcohol increased?

5) Do you ever feel guilty about your drinking?

The amount of alcohol it takes to cause health and emotional problems in one’s life differ from person to person. You may consider yourself a moderate drinker, but if it’s enough to worry you then taking an alcohol awareness class is a good place to start. Alcohol classes provide clients with information about alcohol, how it affects the brain and body, long-term health risks and how to determine if it is causing a problem in your life. Clients also learn skills to avoid using alcohol like stress management and improved communication skills.

For individuals who are looking for a completely private and self-paced way to learn this information, high quality alcohol and drug awareness classes are available to take online. These courses enable the client to learn the information in the comfort, quiet and privacy of their own home from any web-based computer device. This is a more relaxed approach to learning new skills because you don’t need to meet someone else’s schedule in a classroom across town. You can literally sit on your couch and take an 8-hour alcohol class on your Ipad. Many clients agree that this is a more effective and interesting way to learn because the material is completely current and you don’t have to waste time listening to other people’s stories or questions. It’s a completely individualized experience.

Clients can login and out of the class as many times as they want. The computer program holds your last spot, so there’s no need to worry if you need to leave and haven’t finished a chapter. You can access the class at any time of the day or night and from any WIFI location. This is particularly beneficial for people who travel for business. Online alcohol classes are the most cutting edge way to help you learn more about alcohol abuse and determine if it’s time for you to change your ways.