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On the road to recovering from an addiction to alcohol or any other substance, the first step is to recognize the existence of a problem. Evaluating oneself and asking your friends and family to evaluate you will help you understand whether you are indeed dependant on a substance. Evaluate your behavior, your cravings and the duration and frequency with which you feel the desire for the alcohol or drugs. Once you admit that you have a problem, and are ready to work on it, you will begin your path to turning your life around.

Withdrawal from your personal life, friends and family; problems at work; inability to get through the day without alcohol or drugs; inability to sleep without the alcohol or drugs; continuous need for the substance; stress and low self esteem are all the signs that you have a problem. There are various websites that help you to evaluate yourself and recognize the presence of an addiction. Websites like Alcohol Drug Class will help you in assessing the extent of your dependence, whether you need to change your lifestyle and substance usage patterns and also provide you with help to overcome these issues.

Once the existence of the problem has been identified, the next step in overcoming your addiction is to sign up for the length of course you would like to start with. This is a high quality program that has been designed by a licensed, practicing therapist who is also available to speak with during the workweek, pacific standard time. This is a perfect option for someone who is looking for the convenience of being able to educate oneself in the convenience of his own home, privately. The classes are low-cost which is something to consider as traditional schools can be an expensive and a time consuming procedure. These online classes provide you with the help, information and support that you would need to progress through the different stages of getting over your substance addiction. They are completely up-to-date with the most current styles and techniques used in rehabilitation centers across the country to overcome addiction. In the United States, you can take an online class from any of the 50 states as long as you have web access.

An advantage of an online alcohol class is that it is tailored to meet the needs of all members. It allows you to work at your own pace and make time for all your other commitments. You can take the class at 1:00 in the morning if you would like. It also provides you with a degree of anonymity so that you can avoid the stigma that is accompanied by making it common knowledge that you are dependent on alcohol or other drugs. Classes will teach you redirection and how to replace these unhealthy cravings with a positive, healthier lifestyle. And, you can take the courses online with friends and family sitting with you for support. This opens up discussion which will lead to catharsis.