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Alcohol awareness classes are not usually a popular subject, but these classes can be a great idea, for both adults and adolescents. Studies have shown that alcohol awareness classes reduce dui’s. Why is this? Well, the point of these classes is to teach people about some of the myths of drinking and alcohol and to teach them about the effects of alcohol. Many people who drive under the influence are not intending to drive while intoxicated, but simply do not realize that they are in no condition to be behind the wheel of a car. These classes focus on giving people the skills and education to determine whether driving is a good idea.

When going to a party, there should always be a designated driver or a plan to get home without having to drive. Whenever drinks are involved, there is always the chance of driving intoxicated. An average sized man can metabolize around one beer an hour, but many people drink mixed drinks which have a much higher alcohol content, or do a few shots. While that may not seem like a big deal, the alcohol will stay in a person’s system that much longer. Also, alcohol does impair judgment. When people drink, they tend to loosen up and have a much more enjoyable time. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink and relaxing with some friends, but after having a few drinks, driving while slightly tipsy may not seem like such a big deal anymore. Before heading to a party or anyplace where drinks will be served, always make a plan. Either have a designated driver or have a plan that doesn’t involve anyone drinking and driving that same night. Think about taking a taxi, or public transportation if possible. If all else fails and the party is at a friend’s house, consider spending the night if the host agrees.

Alcohol mainly acts as a depressant. It suppresses some of the faster parts of the brain and slows down cognitive ability significantly which is why driving can be especially dangerous. For example, reaction time is delayed. If a stop sign shows up without warning or a person steps in front of a car, it may not be possible to slow down or stop the car in time to avoid an accident. Also, alcohol affects vision. Slightly blurred vision may occur since the muscles controlling eye movement are moving slowly. Overall coordination will be impaired, causing the risk of a driver not being able to steer correctly or have the proper hand/eye coordination to drive.

The top five U.S. cities for DUI's are:

  1. San Diego
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Indianapolis
  4. Jacksonville, Florida 
  5. San Francisco

These are some of the basic facts about alcohol and driving. However, this information is just the tip of the iceburg. Alcohol awareness classes offer an in-depth look at the effects of alcohol and offer practical tips to avoiding driving under the influence. Teenagers and adults can benefit from these classes and spending a few hours taking a class may save their or another person’s life. Consider taking a class in the area or online. They are easy to take and the benefits are enormous.