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OK, so work goes horribly, you have to walk in the rain because your car battery died and just as you started off you remember there's mandatory overtime tomorrow and now your car's out of commission. Time for a drink, right? Well, have you ever considered what that drink you're having actually does?
The stark reality is that alcohol actually does the opposite of easing your mind from your troubles. Alcohol is by creation a depressant and will drag your self esteem even lower into the gutter than you thought it was before! It's not to late there are even a number of online substance abuse classes that can be done and at a much cheaper and less embarrassing way than in the mass therapy sessions.  It's no surprise that Fresno ranks as the #1 U.S. cities for DUI's
After reading almost any scientific study EVER conducted it will be obvious that alcohol consumption lowers your chances of success at any goal or function by nearly 50 to 100%, making it nearly impossible to be a success at anything drunk!
Alcohol can increase the blood pressure, thin out the blood and increase your anxiety and stress by ten fold. Realizing this before you go into a night long bender may be the difference between going into a sobbing mess at the bar as pour back shot after after shot. If you're on edge about hitting the bar, then instead, just for the night, try looking up and logging into a self help class for substance abuse. Don't be your own victim, look into things now.
The first step is to be aware that you are not mentally ill, you have contaminated your blood with a foreign substance. There is a cure for this, and it may be physically challenging, but if you have the will power to succeed you can do it. The first step is realizing if you are an alcoholic or alcohol abuser, or both.
So you know, the alcohol abuse is not the same as being an alcoholic. An alcoholic might be someone who needs to have a drink, even in small amounts, all day long. The alcohol abuser may only drink twice a week but when they do it's to the point of vomiting or even blacking out completely.
Both of these types of addictions need to be considered and reflected on in your daily life before you and your family decide what courses or online awareness classes and interventions will be most effective. Remember, if family is there to help, use them for help, the only shame to be had is keeping on the same path.
The causes of addiction are often related to stress from work, home, money, or even medical problems. Some people even drink and use drugs in order to self medicate their own depression. This should never be done because more times than not the self-medication will lead to other severe health, family, and financial problems. Taking an online alcohol awareness class is the first step toward recovery.