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In modern times, the use of alcohol before, during, or directly after the game is not only common, but in many cases creates an illegal or unsafe environment. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped a number of pro athletes from alcohol abuse and even dependence as well as unruly fans.  More than the athelete's, it the fans behavior as a result of drinking that has created some of the most notable problems in recent history.

These are the two categories that we need to examine, how alcohol awareness needed in professional sports will affect the athletes that perform and the fans that watch, as well as the athletes that play them.

The Fans

The fans, as mentioned before, commit the vast majority of incidents involving alcohol and sports. It's not uncommon for several individuals to be kicked out of a professional sports arena during a single game. After losing your seat to excessive drinking, it's not unusual for the offending individual to be arrested for being drunk and disorderly, or even assault.

The guards, the food and beverage vendors, and anyone involved in the seating of spectators, could save their employers millions by having alcohol awareness training. Violent incidents could be drastically cut, ensuring the safety and continued fun of the paying public, which is the main purpose of the staff. Such classes might be taken for disruptive behavior. Sometimes it's impossible to know when a fan is going to take things too far, but information is key to prevention. Mix that with the fact that alcohol can make a fan of the losing team act in unpredictable, and violent, ways, then you’ll realize its essential to for these employees to have online alcohol awareness training.

The Athletes

In most cases, taking alcohol awareness training online by requirement is reserved for those who get charged with an alcohol related crime. Sports, however, should be the exception. The abuse of alcohol is a true killer, especially when high wealth and low support is involved. If every professional sports athlete were required to take alcohol awareness classes, millions could be cut from the costs of rehab. Not only would that it save money, but also it would save the hardship of countless family members all over the many sports community.

Either professional or spectator, it is imperative to know the difference between occasional alcohol consumption, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism. Being taught the tools to fight being the game day embarrassment by getting kicked out of the game and arrested.

One of the biggest issues is in baseball. In many cases, it’s because people are playing drinking games, such as drinking one beer per inning. These classes will help you gain the will to restrain over consumption or even refrain from consuming alcohol at all. Some of the most famous baseball players to ever step on the field had major league drinking problems, Babe Ruth and Dizzy Dean, just to name a few. Alcohol awareness needed in professional sports is a problem, but not one that can’t be overcome with information and the desire to change. Let's not forget the underage drinkers at tailgate parties and the games. They too would benefit from a minor in possession class online.