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There are many different reasons why a person may find himself or herself caught up with a minor in possession charge, or MIP. It can be simply because the minor was under a bad influence at the time. Most often, the minor is taken to a small party and gets left with all the alcohol when the cops arrive. No matter the cause, in the end, it is worth knowing that alcohol awareness classes online provide alternative for courts MIP classes.

When an offender gets sentenced to an MIP class, few realize there are a many different options to choose from. When the minor in question is caught with alcohol, then the minor can take online alcohol awareness classes in place of traditional live MIP classes.

When taking an alcohol awareness class in place of an MIP class, it’s essential to determine what level of class is needed. After you know what level you need, which looking at your court order or conferring with your lawyer can determine. The first level is 8-hours, the fourth level is 24-hours.

Alcohol awareness classes online provide alternative for courts MIP in an affordable and convenient way that can give the offender a new look at life and what they can expect out of it. Classes cover several different aspects of why people take drugs or alcohol. Some of these topics include how to recognize the signs of alcohol and drug abuse. Some of these signs are obvious very quickly, such as a quick change in behavior, a drop in grades, and a change in friends.

The classes will include lessons on why people turn to drugs and/or alcohol in the first place, along with what the real health risks are for long-term abuse. The online alternative also teaches the student about what alcohol or drug abuse costs society as a whole. There can be more at risk than a simple class or fine. Insurance costs go up, taxes, and even the price of classes itself.

Students also learn methods to control their stress and anger. That gives them tools to use to handle life on a daily basis without turning back to alcohol or drugs. That stress includes learning the importance of family and how to ease stress within the family unit without resorting to alcohol.

The class lengths of MIP classes and alcohol awareness classes are the same and the information that is taught is nearly identical. The majority of courts that approve web-based classes will allow the alternative of alcohol awareness in place of MIP classes. All that is needed is the request to the judge and the completion certificate once the class is finished successfully. The most common class taken is the 8 hour alcohol awareness class

Alcohol awareness classes online provide alternative to MIP classes and will usually offer a free certificate of completion. With some classes, depending on state laws, will even offer free certificates that can be printed from home. Some states require the certificate to be mailed from the official class source due to the notaries it receives before being sent.