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Many people around the world are suffering from the health risks of consuming too much alcohol or alcoholism. Over one-tenth of the American population has alcohol related problems. A significant number of patients taken abruptly into hospitals and emergency rooms for self harm or harm to others have been drinking alcohol. Alcohol consumers often find it hard to distinguish when normal drinking on special social occasions with family and friends turns into a serious problem. As a result of this, the problem escalates further until it may to be too late to stop drinking voluntarily but rather professional help is required.

One of the most efficient and functional ways to know if you have alcohol or drug issues is to take an online alcohol and drug awareness class. A short 8-hour alcohol awareness class is easily available on any web-based computer. The individual can take this class online to help evaluate their own situation with complete anonymity and privacy. Classes teach about the risks of alcohol abuse and skills to overcome the addiction. It is an excellent starting point to determine the severity of the problem.

There are major signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse. Taking an online class will teach you what to behavior to look. This can make the difference between stopping before it is too late and seeking professional help, or letting the addiction grow into a serious health and safety concern. If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, it’s most likely time to seriously evaluate your behavior and take action.

1) Family and friends are worried about you.

The moment you realize that your family or friends are worried about your drinking, it is time to stop. Loved ones are protective and care for your best interest and their opinion should not be ignored but rather adhered to.

2) Drinking to relax or feel better.

If you require a drink or two just to relax and feel better than you should rethink taking that drink. Having to rely on consuming alcohol to feel relaxed pauses serious questions and problems that should not be overlooked. What is the root of this desire?

3) Loss of memory or "Blackouts".

Blacking out after having too much to drink or having no memory of the previous night is a major symptom of heavy drinking. As the level of alcohol increases in the blood, the body's function slows down. Alcohol being a depressant drug slows down the nervous system and can cause blackouts, headaches, and loss of memory or even death if the alcohol content in the blood is too high.

4) Drinking more than intended.

Going out to a pub or bar and taking a drink or two is fine but make sure you stay within the limits and don’t drive home! A red flag is if you can’t stop once you’ve had a drink or two. Realizing that you've consumed more alcohol than you initially intended but couldn’t control your behavior is a sign you need help.

5) Slow movements and loss of vision.

Too much alcohol starts taking its toll and eventually causes slow movements and/or loss of vision. This is a serious problem and can cause major accidents, especially in drivers. The moment any sign of the either two starts appearing, it is time to cut down on drinking because with each drink, the level of alcohol content in blood increases and the depressant drug has further repercussions and effects.

Common definition of drinking levels:

Easy - One drink per day

Moderate - maximum 2 drinks per day.

Heavy - More than three drinks per occasion.

Binge - Four or five drinks per occasion.

If any or all of the above situations define your behavior, try taking an online alcohol awareness class. Classes don’t substitute for one-on-one therapy but are excellent sources of education to learn about the risks of alcohol abuse both physically and emotionally. You will learn skills to identify if you have a problem and how to stop the cycle. Classes are easy to take from any web-based computer in your home, are private and low in cost. The goal is to help the client learn how to stay sober for a healthier, safer and happier life.