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Alcohol and Drug Awareness in the United States has been a pressing issue for over a century.  With rates of both adult and teen alcoholism on the rise, our culture has been continuing to seek ways to gain more understanding of both the risks and consequences of alcohol and/or drug abuse.  As of 2011, there are several ways adults and adolescents can gain knowledge and become more educated on this top.  Here are a few suggestions to improve Alcohol and Drug Awareness:

1. Take an in person class.  Alcohol awareness classes and drug education courses can be found by contacting any in/out patient facility, AA, NA, a local hospital or doctors office.  Most of these education programs offers these classes in a group format. 

The advantage to a group format is that you can listen to other people experience with alcohol or drugs while you are gaining knowledge and understanding of the issues.  The downside of this experience is that classes may be offered at inconvenient times, be expensive and provide to privacy.

2. Take an online alcohol awareness class or drug education course.  Online programs should be offered by licensed and trained provider who's credentials can be verified.  Online classes are an excellent way to gain skills without having to leave school, work, family or other obligations and still have a quality learning experience.  Just like their live in person counterpart, online classes are a great way to fulfill an court, legal or other requirement.  Not only are alcohol awareness classes available online but do are minor in possession courses

The advantage to an online class is that they are much more affordable, easier to attend, and do require the participant to share personal information with strangers.  Online classes can also be more effective from the standpoint of requiring short quizzes and a final exam.

Regardless of the format you choose, alcohol and drug awareness and education should be required of anyone who might consider using these substances.  Understanding the effects and consequences could save your life or the life of someone you love.