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Alcohol Drug Class® is the nations premier provider of online alcohol awareness classes, minor in possession classes and drug education courses on the Internet.  From June 1, 2011 through September 1, 2011 they will be offering a $20.00 discount a Summer 2011 promotion on any class they offer.

President of Alcohol Drug Class® , Dr. Ari Novick says, "We are pleased to provide a discount for the summer time as we know many people will be spending money on other things".  Novick continues, "This discount on our world class alcohol awareness class and minor in possession classes is for a limited time only, so we hope customers capitalize on the offer soon", says Novick.  This new "offer code" which should be entered at the time of registration is ADCPR11

Alcohol Drug Class® has been providing innovative online alcohol awareness and minor in possession classes since 2008.  They provide Level 1, 2 and 3 programs which can be taken completely online.  Participants can expect to learn the risks and consequences associated with alcohol and drug use in an upbeat and highly professional educational format.

Information can be found at