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Not surprising, there are over a hundred thousand fatalities each year due to alcohol abuse. According to the NHTSA web site there were 43,443 alcohol related traffic fatalities in 2005 in the USA. As a comparison, AIDS claimed 18,000 lives in 2003. 
So, what can be done to help reduce the number of overall deaths each year related to alcohol or other drug for both adults and adolescents?

Take an Alcohol Awareness Class or Minor in Possession Class Online

Here are the top 5 reasons this is a good idea:

1. Alcohol Awareness classes and drug education courses can be taken online vs. a classroom setting.  This allows for ease of use and accessibility.  Quality online programs offered by licensed providers are also effective for those who may need to take a class for a legal requirement in addiction to simply prevention education

2. Online classes are available 24 hours a day and can be taken from any location in the country.  Unlike an in person class, online courses are give the flexibility to study when you want.  There is no reason to miss time away from work or school, the courses can be taken anytime.

3. Online programs are about 1/2 the cost of an in person class and teach essentially the same material.  For some, a distance learning program might even be more effective for comprehending the concepts and understanding the materials presented.

4. A quality and trusted program will come with a certificate of completion that can be both mailed and downloaded immediately.  The certificate is a way for one's work, court, probation, school or family to know the course was successfully completed.

5. Online quality online classes will offer levels one, two and three programs in formats of 8, 16, and 24 hours.  These formats will be available for both Minor in Possession courses as well as standard alcohol awareness class education programs.

Alcohol awareness and drug education is a fast and effective way to teach skills to start the prevention process.  Many people have a misconception about what alcohol really does to the mind and body.  Get the fact and start today.