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There more alcohol related accidents in the US than any other country North America. Over half of those alcohol related accidents were due to teenage DWI's. This piece of knowledge is the first step in understanding the threats and dangers of drinking as a minor. There's alcohol poisoning, binge drinking, alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and even the chance of actually killing himself or someone else while behind the wheel.

Most parents in the US believe that alcohol awareness classes should be taught in Junior Highs, Middle schools, and High Schools. The knowledge they receive in these classes would help them make the right decisions when confronted with an opportunity to drink. This is especially true for preparing for the freedom of the college years. By educating your student(s) now, you can do everything possible to keep your to-be college graduate from being another horrible statistic.

Some studies have indicated that alcohol awareness classes could cut underage alcohol consumption/abuse by half. Many parents have pointed out that it's kind of strange US schools teach Health classes but refuses to institute alcohol awareness classes. In most school districts in the country, there isn't even an optional class for students to enroll in.

Most people try alcohol for the first time as a kid, at least once. For most underage drinkers, that experience is extremely limited. It was a drink out of mom or dad's beer, or a beer that friend stole from the fridge, no matter what was the reason… it's not really to blame for teenage drinking. The only way we know the right from the wrong is to be taught. By teaching them alcohol awareness classes they'll have the knowledge to do what's right.

Cutting the numbers of alcohol abuse starts with implementing a prevention plan. Heavy drinking happens for most people in college, or during those years. Alcohol awareness classes could start in Junior High and advances into college. It can give your teen a tool to fight off the peer pressure that is the main cause of teenage drinking and alcoholism. These classes may even keep some lucky teens from committing acts that could cost them their futures, a regret for the rest of their lives.

The cost of implementing these classes would be relatively low. The first year would be, of course, the most expensive due to finding teachers, information, worksheets, ect. The following years will be much more affordable. An option for creating this class would be asking for a small fee for the class. That small amount will cut the costs by millions, when considering the large number of students that US has.

To cut costs even further, and to make the uneasy peer pressure completely go away, the classes could be completed online. Alcohol awareness classes cost no more than $95 dollars and would save the schools districts, nation wide, millions more. The online at home option would be the most efficient way for any student to learn this information. The completion of the course comes with an official certificate of completion, so the student could fake taking the class.

There have been no studies suggesting that the actual death toll would go down or not, but it can't be idea of learning will help further decisions can't be dined. With the right tools any job can be done, even alcohol prevention through alcohol awareness classes and minor in possession courses. Sometimes substance use brings on issues related to anger. After the substance issue is address, then anger management classes might be considered.