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Alcohol Drug Class Helps Students
We recieved this email from a student at Arizona State University yesterday: "Alcohol Drug Class, I want to thank you so much for helping get through a really tough situation.  I was caught buying alcohol with fake ID 3 months ago.  At 19, I have never been in trouble with the law.  I had many charges against me and one of them was to take a Minor in Possession class (MIP Class).  I was able to take your program online and the judge in my case was thrilled that found a program that worked well for college students.  I also learned a lot more then I ever expected.  Thank you so much."

Minor in Possession Classes or Alcohol Awareness Classes Prevent Problems
This story articlulates the importance of taking classes for both prevention or to help meet an important legal requirement.  Letting a requirement lapse can create even worse legal problems.  Get signed up before it's too late.