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High-functioning alcoholic, abbreviated as HFA, describes an individual who is able to lead an almost perfect life despite their addiction to alcohol. These people are able to maintain their jobs, socialize with the adjacent community and have managed to marry and create an outwardly successful home and family life, all while drinking excessively. They are often over-achievers who use alcohol to alleviate the stress of the lifestyle they are trying to maintain. Generally HFA’s are in denial of their addiction problem until something devastating happens in their life usually caused by the alcoholism. For instance, one might get a DUI conviction, have a spouse walk out on them or engage in risky behaviors that come back to haunt them. 33% of high-functioning alcoholics come from a multigenerational family history of alcoholism.

If you experience the following, but seem to be maintaining a productive lifestyle, you could be classified as a HFA.

- Wanting to drink more after your first glass of alcohol

- Constantly daydreaming about your next alcohol session

- Wanting to be with friends who also love to drink

- Drinking alcohol daily until you find yourself starting to set alcohol limits that you end up not following anyway

- Hearing concerned comments from your loved ones about your drinking patterns

- Not being able to imagine a day without drinking

- Being involved in a DUI case or maybe driving while intoxicated and wasn't caught or apprehended

Since a high functioning alcoholic is able to maintain a respectable profile, close relatives and friends generally hesitate to confront them which delays entry into a recovery program. Such an individual is often living a double life and will only acknowledge their alcohol addiction once they start having serious health and overall life problems.

If you know someone with this issue who is in denial, one way to start the conversation is enrolling them in an online alcohol and drug awareness class. This class can be taken from any web-based computer in the comfort on the client’s home. Family members and friends can sit together to scroll through the information and discuss the situation at hand. An online alcohol awareness class will cover the devastating effects alcoholism can have on you. The professionals will advise on the best strategies to abstain from alcohol which include indulgence in self improvement activities.

You will also get a chance to view and read inspirational content from people who successfully managed their addiction problem. Inspirational testimonials also play a major role in helping people acknowledge ownership of this problem as well. If you came across someone who has permanently lost their drivers license after getting the maximum number of DUI convictions, or has spent her days waiting until work is over so she can have her first drink, and you find that you can relate, this might turn the tide for you.

Another reason why so many people opt to take online alcohol awareness classes is the convenience. Unlike traditional classes, online alcohol awareness classes can be accessed 24 hours a day including weekends. This aspect is especially helpful to people who have busy schedules, so there is no excuse not to be able to make it to a class. Online alcohol and drug awareness classes are informative, factual and educational and can help even the most difficult cases start to turn their lives around.