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A myth in American society is that alcohol helps make you feel better. Often when people are stressed or depressed, they turn to alcohol to help them forget their worries. The truth is that alcohol is a depressant that can do serious damage to the body and your behavior while on alcohol can instantly change your life forever. Alcohol travels through the blood stream and hurts your liver, kidneys, muscle coordination, brain and stomach lining. Yes, alcohol can help you loosen up, calm down and relax in the short-term but heavy use also damages the part of the brain that controls memory, decision making skills and coordination. Your reactions become slower and although you may feel like you are in control, you aren’t.

One of the reasons that the drinking age is 21 is because it has been determined that drinking during the teenage years, while the body and brain are still developing, can cause damage for the rest of your life. It slows you down, makes you lethargic and will prevent you from reaching your full potential in sports, academics and your social life. No matter what age, individuals under the influence of alcohol tend to make bad decisions. This might mean taking an unnecessary physical risk, or breaking up a family. Some specific physical risks include:

  • Cancer of the mouth, esophagus, stomach
  • Liver disease
  • Ulcers and gastritis
  • Brain damage
  •  “DTs”, shaking and tremors
  •  Heart disease
  • Malnutrition

If are not sure whether you have a drinking problem, are concerned about it or have actually been cited by the law, then taking an online alcohol and drug awareness class is a good place to begin. High quality online classes are available to take in your own home so you begin your journey to recovery with complete privacy. If you have hesitated to go to AA or join an in-person class because of embarrassment or shyness, then taking a class online is perfect for you. Online alcohol and drug awareness classes are an educationally based way of understanding use, abuse, relapse and prevention. Participants learn the in depth details of how they are harming themselves and how their behavior is also affecting loved ones around them. Classes teach you new skills for prevention and ways to support sobriety.

Upon enrollment in an online alcohol class, the course becomes immediately available to you on your computer screen. The participant simply scrolls through and reads the material. Be sure to choose a program that includes customer service, so if you would like to speak directly with a licensed psychotherapist and expert in the field, you can. Online classes can be entered and exited as many times as you would like, so it’s completely self-paced whenever you have free time.

Online alcohol and drug awareness classes are also available to fulfill court requirements. It’s suggested that participants get prior approval from their judge, probation officer or attorney to make sure that a distance learning class will be accepted by the court. If so, simply choose the length the court has mandated and take the class in one day, a few days or a few weeks. At the end of the program a Certificate of Completion is sent to you free of any additional charge. This proves to the court that you fulfilled the order.

Let’s face it; it’s easy to fall into a habit of abusing alcohol to manage our stress and anxiety. If you feel you fall into this category, taking an online alcohol class is a good way to get yourself back on track.