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An estimated 18 million American adults have an alcohol-related problem. Although most of them have moderate to severe alcohol dependency, a unique group of individuals - an estimated 4 million people - are high functioning alcoholics (HFAs). These are individuals who have an addiction to alcohol but remain physically, mentally and emotionally capable of handling their responsibilities at home, at school or at work. Some of them may be aware of their problem but many are not even sure they are suffering from this condition.

A high-functioning alcoholic is someone who has an alcohol dependence yet manages to function normally, at least when seen by other people. They hardly miss work, have a good relationship with their family and friends, have stable finances, are able to socialize well and may even be successful in their field. They consume nearly the same amount of alcoholic beverages as other full-blown alcoholics. The only difference is that they do not show the same symptoms as indications of intoxication. The reason for this may be because some alcoholics have become physically tolerant of alcohol, so much so that they may not even feel the effects in the same way as other alcoholics would. They may not even experience hangovers even after consuming a large amount of alcohol. As a result, they may have to drink more in order to feel satisfied. The problem is that the increasing amount of alcohol intake is detrimental to health, leading to organ damage and cognitive impairment.

If you fit this description or if alcohol is beginning to destroy your life, today there are different online classes you can take on awareness and education about alcohol addiction. Those who have been convicted for DUI are actually required to take such courses as part of their sentence. Nevertheless, even if you are a functional alcoholic who has never been arrested, perhaps it is time for a change. Begin with these classes.

In getting involved in such classes, you will learn more about the effects of your indulgence and how it can harm your body. You will also be taught strategies on how you can redirect this great desire for alcohol. Moreover, you can be trained with stress management skills too

  • Basic information about alcohol use and abuse and the factors that lead to alcohol dependence or addiction
  • Facts and statistics about alcoholism
  • Definition of alcoholism and the common characteristics shared by high-functioning alcoholics
  • Ways and techniques to manage dependence and overcome addiction
  • Ways to aid in the prevention of alcohol addiction

These online classes are certainly easy to access and very convenient as you can log-on from any web-based computer. You do not have to go out of your way or to risk getting embarrassed when somebody sees you in a counseling or meeting session for alcoholics. You can simply enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your own home. This way, you will also feel more at ease, especially if you have a support system such as family members and close friends who can sit beside you while you are going through the classes.

Many people can benefit from drug and alcohol classes because they learn important skills on how to solve problems, control their cravings and find ways to focus their energies on more productive pursuits. These online classes are the most discreet way of getting the education needed to help overcome the addiction. With willingness on the person's part, getting help from drug and alcohol classes online can be very beneficial in changing your life forever.  Consider a substancial 20 hour alcohol awareness class online.