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Have you been court ordered to take an alcohol and drug awareness class? Or have you been told to take one for reduction of Auto Insurance Premiums? Or, sometimes there have been cases of the law reviving an old alcohol violation when the police pull you over and cite you for a current offense. The court may have ordered you to take the class due to a public intoxication charge or underage possession of alcohol or drugs, whatever the reason, it is better to take the class online than physically going into a class. The simplest way to clear the record is to fulfill the requirement with an online course from your very own home. However, if the class has been ordered by the court it is important to get clarification from the court whether it is okay to proceed with an online course.

The advantages of taking an alcohol and drugs awareness class online are many. First of all, once you register, the class is available at any time of the day or night 24/7, so you can choose the most convenient time for you to take it. This means that you choose the time you are most able to concentrate, which enables you to absorb the information without distractions. You can login and out whenever you want and the computer holds your last spot for you. Additionally, you are at liberty to take more time in an area you feel affects you personally or in the case of a topic that you are not very familiar with, you can take it slowly. Taking the class online also saves you on travel time and costs of driving to a traditional class elsewhere. With gas prices so high right now, this is a huge bonus! Finally, if you are the type of person who is not comfortable discussing details of your life with strangers, then you may choose to take the class online to avoid the hassle of taking a physical class where you have to interact with people you aren’t comfortable with.

If you take the class, the course includes topics such as:

  • Who is at risk for addiction and the reasons why 
  • Understanding the different substances available and how to avoid them 
  • Health effects and social repercussions of addiction 
  • Stress management skills and abuse prevention communication 
  • Effects of drugs to the brain and the body and the permanent damage to your body 
  • Learn how to overcome an abuse problem and who to talk to in case of a problem 

Once you have taken and completed the course there is a simple multiple choice test that requires a score of above 70% to pass. On successful completion of the course a certificate is made available for download or shipped to you to present to the court or to whoever required you to take the class. There has never been a better time to take mandatory classes like now since you are able to take them in the comfort of your home!