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Can One Stop Being an Addict?
Is there a magic pill one can take to stop drinking and no longer be an alcoholic or drug addict?  To date, some alcoholics are given Antabuse, a powerful drug that makes anyone who consumes an alcoholic beverage very sick.  While the drug is effective, it is still not the antidote to alcoholism, it simply creates a violent physical reaction to the alcohol which in turn creates a dislike for drinking.  The craving for alcohol; however, still does not go away while taking the drug.

So is there a cure?  The data and research to date suggests there really isn't a cure for alcoholism; however, an alcoholic can become sober for a lifetime if she or he chooses to do so.  The clear cut choice in stopping drinking is to simply abstain from it all together.  The problem of course, is that it is nearly impossible to avoid alcohol from the time we enter grade school primarily the high school and college years.  The second problem is that not everyone becomes an addict or knows that he or she is predisposed to alcoholism (or drug addiction).

One of the best choices a person can make is to become more educated about the risks and consequences of alcohol and/or drug use at the earliest age possible and continue to reinforce that message over time.  Early education is quite simply, the key to prevention.  The earlier one learns the potentially negative effects of substance use, the better informed they can be to make wiser decisions in their life.  

How can one obtain better education on this topic?
One simple way is to take online alcohol awareness classes or if you are under 21 a minor in possession class online.  Programs such as these, offered by a reputable provider are an ideal resource for both teens and parents to gain important skills and knowledge about a topic that plagues so many people.  The advantage to taking an distance learning class is that the barrier to entry is so easy.  Classes can be taken day/night 24 hours a day from any computer with Internet access.  For teenagers, these classes should really be mandatory prior to starting high school or at the very least, college.  As the saying goes, knowledge is power.  Get the knowledge you need today.  It could change your life forever.