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In most colleges around the US, the options of alcohol and drug awareness courses aren’t part of the established United States college curriculum. When you learn that the vast majority of binge drinking happens at the various colleges, some more than others, some more than others you start to wonder…why?

There have been quite a few college professors that have come forward and told their superiors that alcohol awareness classes would be useful for college students as a whole. Some studies suggest that there would be an increase in student graduation rates from 5 to 30%, depending on the effectiveness of the class and the online instruction.

Minor in possession classes online as an alternative is exactly as they sound. It’s a class for minors that have been caught in possession of drugs or alcohol, usually alcohol during the college years. Being aware of these figures and facts, some colleges have begun to implement MIP, or Minor in Possession classes, online as alternative to the standard in school class.

Most online MIP classes as an alternative involve 4 series’ of classes. The first is called Level 1 and includes an 8-hour class. Level 2 classes are next, and involves 2 – 12-hour classes. The Deans and professors at major universities have accepted that there are some online classes that are created by experts and delivered to the students by a licensed provider. Before a student takes these online classes, a few precautions need to be taken. For instance, making sure the class in federally recognized to meet class requirements throughout the United States.

Colleges also can’t deny how much money the school saves by allowing the students to pay for these classes online and on their own time. Level 1 classes, or the 8-hour class, are only $175.00 to $175.00. It is nearly $200, but when considering how much a college would charge, it is substantially less. Level 2 classes are a mere $195 for a 12-hour course; the level 2 16-hour class is $275. It’s a bit more, more still nearly a thousand less than most colleges would charge. Minor in possession courses spanning 24-hours, total, will range from $325 USD to $375 USD.

If the students and professors are all aware and certified with alcohol awareness classes, then MIP classes will be easier to learn. That’ll be due to a noticeable drop in alcoholism rates. More fully aware students and teachers mean a higher graduation rate. It also gives the school a reputation of being a good place to get a great education. Some students might be enraged about this and show a lot of anger or frustration about taking a class, but most will accept it is the right choice. There are countless selective classes around the U.S. but this is the first that will actually save universities money. Those savings and raise in graduation rates will mean less waste, and possibly even lower tuition fees.

MIP classes will also help them learn prevention. They will be taught how to identify high-risk situations that could lead to a possession charge. When a person can indentify a bad situation, they’re able to find a way out. These escape methods are also taught in MIP classes and are vital to learning the full picture that MIP classes are trying to make. Most MIP classes online as an alternative can be a great career choice for anyone who intends on working with minors or addicts.