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There are several ways that online alcohol awareness classes can make a huge difference in the workplace. The one thing that remains to be a constant with alcoholics is that they need money to drink. Getting money means having a job, when alcohol and work environments come together it can have horrible repercussions. Here are the top reasons that companies will turn toward online alcohol awareness classes.

By incorporating online alcohol awareness classes into the hiring, or starting work process, your business will have higher productivity and make larger profits. That's because alcoholics will be weeded out of the hiring process as soon as they hear there will be an alcohol awareness class. If a suffering alcoholic does make it through the hiring process and the awareness classes, then he or she will be on their way to recovery and making their life better.

Another reason companies are turning toward alcohol awareness classes is due to the lessons that it teaches the bosses. These online classes will teach the bosses how to look for the sign of alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Some of the factors to look for will include mood changes, pulling away from his or her fellow employees, lateness, and a drop in productivity.

Companies turn toward online alcohol awareness classes because they can be done from the home. The home environment is the most comfortable place for learning to take place. There's no prying eyes, no inner competition, or inexperienced teacher that could be completely ineffective at teaching.

Since it is online, and done at home, that means that an employee can attend class whenever is best for him or her. Whether it’s the middle of the night, or in the afternoon, the student can access classes whenever they find it convenient.

Companies and bosses also love the fact that they don't need to stop in-store production. Most times, the employees need to stop working and take these classes on company time. The new age of online classes has eliminated this monetary double jeopardy. With the online option, there is no more loss of productivity and the classes get done just as quick, if not quicker.

Bosses will learn proper procedures for having a clear way for the employees to report alcoholism and abuse to their employers. Alcoholics and abuse at the workplace can lead to other charges, such as sexual harassment. That can have huge monetary consequences. Having the proper whistle blowing protocol will allow everyone to feel safer at work and save millions in potential lawsuits.

The low cost is another determining factor that is pulling companies toward online alcohol awareness classes. Basic classes for all employees will cost no more than $80 USD per employee, and many times much less. This cost is considerably cheaper than the hours of high pay that a traditional alcohol awareness instructor would charge. Smaller states like Indiana and Nebraska tend to see lower incidences of employee drinking, but this likely has more to do with lower populations in those states.

These are just a few reasons why companies turn toward workplace safety online alcohol awareness classes. Other corporate programs might also include anger management classes. All of these reasons will help the company's bottom-line, but it will also help the employees quality of life.