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If you are thinking about taking an alcohol and drug awareness class, you probably already suspect that you may have a problem with substance abuse. An alcohol and drug awareness class can give you insight into whether you have substance abuse problems and teach you ways to redirect or overcome this behavior. Learning new information about how these substances can ruin your life will help you to either moderate or stop the habit.

Many people, however, have certain reservations about taking a drug and alcohol awareness class, and their hesitation is completely understandable. Most busy people only have a limited amount of time for classes and other activities, while others may not feel comfortable interacting with other students in the class. Some people are just naturally shy and may be concerned that the personal nature of this type of class would require them to reveal details about their personal lives that they are not comfortable sharing with strangers. If you feel as if taking a drug and alcohol awareness class could possibly involve intrusions into your personal privacy, you should consider taking one online.

Online classes are becoming widespread in our society and are even becoming the norm in many educational venues. The benefits of them include allowing the participant to schedule class time around work and family obligations and to learn at his or her own pace. An added benefit for those taking online drug and alcohol awareness classes is that taking the course from the privacy of your own home will decrease the chances that you will feel self conscious or that your privacy is being violated by being asked to share your story. In fact, you're more likely to get more out of an online class than a similar course held in a traditional classroom setting because you'll be more at ease and won't feel as if anyone is judging you.

Taking an online course will also allow you to more completely focus on areas that have significance to you rather than simply going at a pace set by the instructor. For instance, you may have little or no experience with recreational drugs such as cocaine and therefore no need to explore whether you have a substance abuse issue specific to that particular drug. However, you may be worried that your alcohol use is becoming something that you think is getting out of hand. An online course will allow you to more fully explore whether you may be developing a substantial problem with any given substance.

Most importantly, taking a drug and alcohol class online will allow you to login and out during your own time rather than at a time set by someone else. This will mean that you'll be rested; refreshed and ready to learn when you sit down at your own computer to participate in the class. Because you won't feel stressed due to trying to cram the class into your busy schedule, you'll get much more value out of it. Online alcohol and drug classes give you the control over your learning that will most benefit you!