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Alcohol and drugs have taken their toll on countless families across the country. For the lucky ones, they see the mistakes themselves and quit before it’s too late. Sadly though, for most that realization never comes. Take action and don’t let alcohol or drugs ruin your family’s life.

There is a new wave of drug addiction that you may have missed… prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse is one of the most common types of drug abuse today. These drugs can be cheaper to get than other drugs, and easier to get than having to persuade someone of legal age to buy alcohol for you. 

No matter the drug being abused, there is a way to beat it. By working as a family and not giving up on the abuser even after they have given up on themselves is the key to getting them past this horrible time in their life. You don’t have to let alcohol or drugs ruin your family; there are methods and classes you can utilize in person and online that can help.  Whether you need a Conneticut Alcohol Awareness Class or a New York Class, help is at your fingertips.

Online Drug Education Classes
This is a good option if you want to face your addiction without the embarrassment of standing and stating your name. The online addiction websites are more affordable because there are no live teachers to pay for and no expensive buildings to pay rent on. That lowers the cost quite a bit.

There’s also the privacy factor. There’s no one peering in your direction, there’s no feelings of thinking someone might believe they are better than you. No one has to know about your online help to fight an addiction. A lot of and embarrassment can be avoided by utilizing the online alcohol and drug awareness programs.

Live Alcohol or Drug Awareness
It’s true that the online option is cheaper, but the downside is that the person-to-person help is absent. When going to a live class with others there, the support and togetherness you feel knowing that you’re all going through the same thing adds a certain level of confidence. 

The teacher is another good reason to go to a live addiction class. A live class will give you more attention from the teacher and even a phone number to call when you need extra help fighting off urges to relapse.

Preventative Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes
If you truly want the upper hand in not letting drugs and alcohol ruin your family’s life, there are steps you can take, such as making everyone in your family attend an alcohol and drug awareness class. Families that complete these classes will be 50% less likely to have a member of the family hooked on drugs or alcohol.

Don’t sit idly by and hope for the best, take action and give your family the best possible chance at a great future. For those under 21, a Minor in Possession education class is also a great choice.