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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes teach skills to reduce DUI's. This course if offered to those who have been convicted of a driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of alcohol. The course is generally about 12 hours long. The course is intended to help individuals recognize the dangers of driving under the influence. It is also to help them to understand the change in their driving pattern after they have consumed alcohol. The course demonstrates the delays in a driver's reaction that has been consuming alcohol and how these delays can be deadly not only to the driver but also to innocent victims on the roadways.

You can get a DUI or DWI while operating a boat as easily as you can while operating a vehicle. A boating accident can be as fatal as a motor vehicle accident. The individual who takes the course must complete it and be issued a certificate of completion. The certificate must then be turned in to the judge or the court that assigned you to the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes.

The cost of the class can run up to $450.00 and it can take almost a week to complete the class depending on where you take it. However, the cost of a DUI can run into $1000's, cost you your drivers license, increase your insurance cost, cost you your job and cost you and possibly someone else their lives. The classes must be approved classes by each state. You can check with the officials in your town or online to see which classes are state approved. The guidelines for attendance are very strict and little toleration is accepted when attending the class. The requirements can vary from state to state. Classes can be taken from Alabama to Calfornia and everyone in between.

Mother's Against Drunk Drivers and the D.A.R.E. program support the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Classes. Drinking and driving is deadly, so many innocent people have lost their lives dues to drinking and driving or being under the influence of drugs while driving. By taking the courses you are helping to educate yourself on the repercussions of driving under the influence. The classes are a way of helping irresponsible drivers to be held accountable for their actions. They are a way of educating people who apparently don't know that driving under the influence is not only illegal, but it kills and injures people.

If you are required to take the class, then you must need to take the class. If you need to take the alcohol awareness class, then by all means do so. Don't risk your life or someone else’s life by driving under the influence. Don't take chances with your privilege to drive; driving under the influence can cost you that privilege for life. Choose to operate your motor vehicle safely and responsibly so that you don't have to go through all of the drama that can come from driving under the influence.