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Do you know what DUI means? Have you ever witnessed a scene of motor accident caused by DUI? Keeping you in no suspense, DUI simply means Driving Under Influence. You may ask; influence of what? Driving under the influence of anything that affects the mental faculty i.e. things that have deleterious effects on the brain. You would have heard about the high rate of accidents caused by DUI. I once stumbled on a huge statistics of accidents from DUI; it is overwhelming. Have a look at part of the statistics:
Above 200,000 people died from DUI over the last 10 years.

Above 20,000 people are killed yearly in alcohol and drug related accidents.
Various scenarios of auto crashes claim at least a life of an American in every 20 minutes from DUI.
Above 50% of all reported fatal highway accidents involve two or more cars driven under influence.
Above 65% of fatal single car accidents are related to driving under influence.

With this saddening statistics, the awareness about the causes of this life-threatening act is obvious and necessary.

Firstly, it is important to differentiate between DUI and DWI. DUI is an acronym for Driving Under the Influence as earlier stated, whereas DWI is Driving While Intoxicated. Basically, DUI is due to intoxication from drugs or alcohol, while DWI is mainly intoxication from alcohol only. However, this article will only focus on DUI.

It is important to create the awareness of this dreadful syndrome in the society. Since the causative agent of this is majorly alcohol and drugs, awareness about the harmful effect of the duo intoxicants will be helpful in arresting this societal menace. Although the introduction of drug and alcohol classes to help reduce the risk for DUI's is new to many people, research has shown that it is very effective in curbing the disastrous effects of DUI. Awareness classes could prevent accidents from DUI and save both the society and the family from its gory aftermath.

In practise, alcohol and drug awareness classes are designed to enlighten people more on the effect of drugs and alcohol on human cranial activities i.e. its effect on the brain. Also, the program will direct people to ways in which they can prevent the occurrence of DUI. In the first assessment, people would be made to know how drugs and alcohol affect the reasoning. It is the result of its action on the brain that brings about dizziness. It weakens the whole body metabolic activities and reduces the sensitivity of the spinal integration of body’s actions; as a result, the one under its influence may lose total control of himself or herself. A simple 10 hour alcohol class is often the first recommedation for education.

In the same line, the dui classes will enumerate various ways through which people could prevent themselves from the consequences. This is necessary especially for those who are addicted to it.

And lastly, various scenes of accidents caused by DUI should be shown to them. This, hopefully, might scare them as they would not want to experience such bloody scenes. This awareness program to reduce DUI may also be done as online program. Since most people that use the internet are majorly people who are liable to DUI, taking an online approach will be highly appreciated.