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Here is a common scenario.  You are visiting another state for business or pleasure.  For the sake of this article, let's make it a trip to Oahu, Hawaii and you are a resident of, say, New Mexico.  On the last day of your trip, you have a few drinks to while saying goodbye to paradise and some new friends.|

Then, the unexpected happens while driving to airport in your rental car.  You are pulled over.  In your mind, you are freaking out.  You are trying to recount how many drinks you had and when.  Before you know it, you have been taken to the local police department and booked for a DUI.

Since this is a first for you, you don't really know what to do.  After getting some legal advice, you come to find out your local DMV will know what happened and you are now required to take an educational alcohol class required by the court.

Finding alcohol awareness or minor in possession classes can often be difficult and finding the time away from work, school or other life commitments can be even more difficult.  It's obvious you can't go back to Hawaii to take the class, so call the court and ask them if you can take the class online.  Most state courts are open and aware that taking a distance learning program is an excellent resource and solves may interstate problems. Just confirm with the judge, court clerk or your attorney to make sure they will accept an online class to resolve this scenario.  

Once the alcohol awareness class is complete, which is simple and convenient, you turn your certificate to the court and life moves on again.