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Parents often ask themselves what the best way is to impart an anti-drug message on their teens. In some cases, the question arises whether it’s useful to “relate” to your child’s age by telling them about your own drug and alcohol stories. Recent research from the journal of Human Communication Research found that when parents did not disclose drug use and combined that with a strong antidrug message, their kids were more likely to follow suit and exhibit antidrug attitudes as well.  In fact, the study showed that even if parents used their past stories of substance use to share a teachable moment and to relay their disapproval of drug and alcohol use, the results were that these kids were actually less likely to report antidrug perceptions.

Parents should reconsider discussing their own past histories and instead focus on the negative results of drug and alcohol use in general. Education can be the best way to prevent a child from heading down this path. As online classes have become more popular, many parents are finding that having their adolescents take an alcohol and drug awareness class online is a successful way to go. In many cases, teenage children think that their parents “don’t know anything”. To solve this issue, the teen can take a class from the comfort of his or her own home from a seasoned licensed and practicing family therapist. This format of learning about the topic takes away any personal issues the kids have with how you are imparting the information. The teaching is all coming from an expert in the field.

Online alcohol and drug classes for minors teach students about the different types of substances and how each one negatively affects the body. They go on to discuss how use and abuse can destroy the child’s short and long-term health, his goals and ambitions and his life as a whole. Classes give clients assistance in how to overcome peer pressure and understand why to just walk away from others involved in the behavior. Specific communication skills and stress management techniques help kids avoid the rocky road altogether.

Online classes are a beneficial way of learning this new material because they allow the child or children to go at their own pace, and in the privacy and relaxed atmosphere of their own home. This takes away any stigma they might feel of having to spend their weekend at a traditional classroom course. It also encourages discussion between the parents and child, as you can be right there while they are learning the material. The safety of home gives the child the confidence to ask questions rather than sit quietly in a classroom full of people that they are embarrassed to talk in front of.

Most parents originally sign their kids up for an 8 or 10-hour alcohol class to start with. Once you register, the course becomes immediately available to read through from any Internet based computer like an Ipad, PC or laptop. There are short multiple-choice quizzes along the way to insure that the student understands the information and finishes with a final exam. Students can go back and review any material prior to completing the class.

An online drug and alcohol class for adolescents is an excellent way for parents to take a proactive approach to addressing substance use and abuse. Give your child the tools he or she needs to navigate successfully through the teen years!