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Alcohol and drug addiction is a problem that affects not only the addict, but those around him. Initially, the individual might try a drug for recreational use, to make them feel good and relieve stress. In the beginning, the individual might be able to regulate use and somewhat control their behavior, however, as they continue using drugs regularly, the brain gets used to functioning with the drug. This in turn will make the user have to take more for the same effect, and the body will begin having cravings for the drug. It’s a vicious circle that leads to more and more substance abuse.

When one is addicted, they face various stages and this does not only affect them but it also affects the people living with and around them. Loved ones may begin to feel uneasy and not know what to expect from the abuser. It is a difficult situation for everyone involved, however, there are some things those around the individual can do to try to facilitate abstinence and recovery.

First of all, it is important that the family members and loved ones make themselves available and show support for the individual. He or she must know they have people to confide in and who are looking out for them. Tell the loved one that you have faith in him and are confident that he can overcome this addiction. If the person sees that other people have faith in the recovery, they will also be motivated. The best way to encourage someone to stop drugs is by talking to them and letting them decide for themselves. Never force them to do anything as they might get defensive.

Seeking the services of a professional counselor or psychologist can be of great help. These people are trained and experienced and know what the victim is going through. They can provide empathy and direction for the addict. This makes it easy for the patient to share with them their issues and therefore the possibility of recovery is heightened.

An intervention can be another effective way of helping a drug addicted person. This is when the family and friends who are concerned about the person gather to talk to the person. They each tell the abuser about the addiction and how it has negatively affected their relationship. This serves as an eye opener to many addicts because they are often unaware of the dangers they have caused, or the hurt they have imparted on those around them.

You can also help your loved one by using available resources on the internet. Online drug classes will help both family members and the addict learn facts about addiction and how to start the recovery process. They are an excellent way to begin the discussion with the suffering individual in a very benign, relaxed way. The classes are great because they are taken from the privacy of your own home on your web-based computer and will guide you through the steps of figuring out where the problem is stemming from. The courses will talk about the risk factors involved in both the addict’s physical health and overall life, and then solutions to stopping the behavior through communication, stress management and redirection. Discussions can be held in your own home and in quality courses, a licensed therapist is available to speak with as well. Classes are inexpensive and will have a life changing affect on everyone involved.