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Why Take an 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class?

The 8 hour, level 1 drug and alcohol awareness class is commonly requested by courts, employers and schools. This is due to several reasons. Most first time offenders are required this length class as opposed to longer length programs such as an 16 hour, level two alcohol awareness class, or a 24 hour level 3 alcohol awareness program. The 8 hour / session class is also an excellent resource for those that looking for an introductional course on alcohol or drug awareness.. The course gives a good overview of the risks and consequences of alcohol and/or drug addiction.

Who Takes Longer Drug/Alcohol Awareness Classes?

Longer programs, such as the 16 hour (level 2) or 24 hour (level) programs are typically taken where there is either a more severe offense requiring such a class to be taken or the person simply wants a more expansive and comprehensive program. The 16 and 24 hour classes require much more time and engagement in the program and are also a bit more difficult then the standard 8 hour course.

Not All Courses are for Legal Reasons!

Classes can be taken for a variety of reasons and not everyone taking an alcohol or drug education class is doing because they are required to for legal reasons. Many college university's request that all students take these classes as part of an overall risk prevention strategy before starting their freshman year. Because early prevention is key to reducing alcohol and drug abuse, an 8 hour educational class on alcohol awareness is often a smart, proactive choice on the part of the college administration.

Another reason people elect to take these classes is simply for personal growth or self-improvement. Getting help for an addiction can often be challenging. The beauty of an online class is that you don't have to confess your life to a group of strangers while still taking in a high quality learning experience.

Finding an Alcohol Awareness Class?

It's typically not difficult to find an alcohol awareness class, minor in possession (MIP, MIC) class or other drug education program. These courses are commonly offered by most in/out patient treatment facilities. They are also offered online by a select few reputable providers. A simple Google search for "Alcohol Awareness Classes" might be a good place to start or by visiting Alcohol Drug Class