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Alcohol Drug Class introduces our brand new Marijuana Possession Class that can be taken completely online from anywhere in the country. If you are looking for an educational program to supplement your teen’s knowledge about drug use, or have been charged with marijuana possession, we can help you to satisfy your court, probation or school drug awareness education requirements!

You are not alone. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the country. According to, roughly 750,000 people were arrested for marijuana law violations in 2012. In fact, approximately, 7.3% of Americans 12 years old and up regularly used the substance in that same year. If you are in possession of paraphernalia or one ounce or less in one of the 48 states that hasn’t legalized use, it is generally a misdemeanor charge that will require a drug class component to fulfill court requirements.

Our Marijuana Possession online classes offer many benefits for the typical busy individual:

1. No transportation necessary! You don’t need to worry about getting to a traditional classroom environment at a set time each week. Instead, you can learn from any Internet connected computer device in the comfort of your own home.

2. Convenient! Our clients set up a personal login and password so that they can utilize a computer from wherever they are in the country. This means you can use the computer at work during your lunch hour, hotel computers if you travel for business, the local library facilities, your Smartphone while sitting waiting for an appointment or even over at a friend’s house.

3. Self-Paced! Once you register, you own the class and it becomes immediately available to you 24/7. You control how quickly you get through the material. For example, you can spend the time over one weekend to complete it or spread it out each night for a couple of weeks. When you are tired or have to leave, the program holds your last spot for the next time you are ready to continue.

4. Affordable! Our pricing is competitive and in many cases lower than going to in-person classes. You also save money on gas and parking.

5. Proof of Enrollment, Progress Reports and Certificate of Completion Included! This is all the paperwork that the court generally requires. We update them as you progress through the class and you can print them out on your end.

6. Completely Private Experience! No explanations necessary as no one else needs to know that you are taking the course. You don’t need to attend a public classroom full of strangers or have to miss work, school or family functions to get to a weekly class. You can keep it quiet by taking the course on your own time and at home.

Marijuana Possession Class Online is a quality educational program designed by experts in the field. The course addresses the risks and consequences of the short-term and long-term use of the drug. This includes the health and personal issues one encounters, and legal and financial repercussions associated with abuse. Students will learn practical life skills to help reduce stress, improve communication and avoid substance abuse.