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For you to be able to deal with any problem effectively, it is very important that you first start by gathering as much information as possible about it. Alcohol and drug abuse are no exception to this important rule. This is precisely why the long journey to recovery from alcoholism starts with understanding what causes it in the first place. The causes of alcohol abuse are numerous and they range from obvious clear cut reasons to others that are fairly more complex. There are a few main triggers to alcoholism to be aware of when looking at the root of the problem.

One aspect that many researchers are currently looking at is the availability of alcohol to teenagers. Some studies show that the younger an individual starts drinking alcohol, the higher the chances that they will develop an alcohol dependency problem. So, if alcohol is easily accessible to your teenager, or if the parent encourages drinking as long as the kids “stay at home”, the adolescent potentially develops an early taste for it which can cause long-term problems. This research continues to prove the importance of abiding by the lawful drinking age of 21.

Furthermore, some research shows that genetics might play a roll in alcohol addiction. People who come from a family of alcoholics, commonly find themselves with the problem as well. Studies have shown links between alcoholism and genetics in Native Alaskans and American Indians.

Another common cause is peer pressure. It is widely recognized that a vast majority of those who end up abusing alcohol are usually initiated into the habit by “friends” at a young age. This is a major issue at college campuses across the country and is a good reason that young adults should be educated on the risks and repercussions of alcohol abuse prior to leaving to live away at school.

An extremely effective way of starting on the road to recovery from alcohol abuse is taking an online class in alcohol and drug awareness. These classes will help you learn about the risks involved even if you don’t consider yourself an alcoholic. In addition, people who may not want to expose their drinking problems publicly will find these online classes a private way to deal with the problem. High quality courses are available on any Internet based computer, 24 hours a day. Look for a class that is designed by a currently practicing and licensed therapist, so that you know the information included is new and accurate.

Online classes educate the client on the many causes of alcoholism as well as ways to overcome the addiction. Alcohol and drug awareness classes help support individuals who are interested in becoming sober. It’s also important to surround yourself with encouraging family and friends who will be helpful in this endeavor. Traumatic events or anything that causes emotional stress and pressure in a person has also been known to drive many people into abusing alcohol. In this case, one-on-one attention from a therapist can also be helpful. Be sure to choose an online course in which a therapist can be contacted to discuss any questions or concerns about further care.