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We have received numerous calls this summer from parents who have kids that have come home from college with a MIP violation. For those looking for clarification, a MIP or Minor In Possession is generally a misdemeanor criminal offense that an underage individual can get if they are caught drinking or in possession of alcohol. The stories related are similar. The young adults have not been caught with high BAC levels behind the wheel, but instead are at a party in a private home or on campus that was busted by the police. In one case, the student had just arrived at the party and was holding a red cup full of beer, which she hadn’t even consumed yet. However, because she was under 21, she was in violation of the law.

The fact is that the majority of adolescents will consume alcohol at least once in a while. While we don’t have to condone it, it is a part of campus culture. As parent’s, the best thing we can do for our young adults is to equip them with the coping skills and facts about the risks and repercussions of use. Basically give them a good reason to not partake. The legal system agrees that education is the key to prevention, so after a court date, some community service and paying fines, the next step is that these young adults need to fulfill court mandated alcohol and drug education requirements.

Since many students don’t have commuting access to get to an in-person MIP class during the school year and are expected to work during the summer months, it becomes difficult to go to a traditional classroom week after week to fulfill the court mandate. This is where online alcohol and drug education classes are highly beneficial. Taking an online course gives the participant flexibility to learn from home, at any time of the day or night. Students should just check with their attorney or legal system to make sure that online programs are accepted. Then, all that is necessary is a web-connected computer device like a PC, laptop, IPad or even a Smartphone. Simply register for the MIP class length that is required and the course becomes immediately available to read through at your own pace.

At the end of the course, the participant receives the Certificate of Completion. This is the official documentation that needs to be presented to the legal system. It includes the individual’s name, the name of the program, their birth date, case number and our official seal.

Young adults today are so familiar with and enjoy using the online format. Classes are designed to keep the interest of anyone under the age of 21 in an engaging, positive and upbeat way. They learn accurate, factual information about alcohol and the short and long-term effects physically and emotionally. The goal is for students to learn new skills for stress management, and effective communication as well, so they can walk away and feel good about their decision!