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Alcohol awareness classes are not part of the regular curriculum for most colleges anywhere in the Untied States. Ironically, it's colleges and universities that have some of the highest binge drinking and alcohol related accidents in the United States. Many suggest that drug and alcohol awareness classes would be able to cut back on the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. If it were to be made a required national standard, some suggest the graduation rate could grow anywhere from 10 to 25%.

The classes that the students take would open their minds to new options and opportunities to know how to deal with the pressure of drug use around friends. Alcohol abuse among college students is the number one cause of failed classes and drop out-rates.

If you want to raise the chances of becoming a successful college graduate, then taking drug and alcohol education classes are a must. There are more and more colleges and universities that require a drug and/or alcohol course for their general education classes. Unfortunately, this isn't a national requirement for all colleges, it's simply an option that can be implemented at the colleges discretion.


Not only does it help the students fight peer pressure when faced with drugs and alcohol, it gives them the ability to see when their friends are in serious need of intervention. It educates them with the tools they'll need to help themselves and their friends when, or if, they fall victim to a drug and alcohol addiction. With the tools afforded to them from these courses, they'll be able to know how to avoid harmful situations that could end up ruining their college career.

There have been multiple studies that prove it can be necessary for college students to go out. Being able to blow off a little steam and relax a little bit, can be absolutely necessary to keep a healthy learning mindset. Without relieving the stress that builds up from trying to keep ahead of all the classes, a student can go into academic overload. This type of overload on any student can cause him or her to falter in nearly every class. Blowing off stem is necessary, but still must be done in moderation.

Not only do the students benefit from alcohol and drug awareness courses, but the faculty does as well. When a school is known for alcohol and drug awareness and prevention, it can easily become known as a reputable school capable of a clean and reliable record of success.

If the teachers and students are certified in alcohol and drug awareness, then it will raise the effectiveness of the classes. The teachers who are educated in drug and alcohol awareness will be less likely to fall into the pit of addiction, making clearer speakers and better instructors.Alcohol related deaths can be viewed here.  Even prestigious schools such as Boston University have had deaths associated with problem drinking

The MIP classes will also help the students become aware of what dangerous situations will look like and how to get out of them as quickly as possible. If the entire faculty of the school, as well as the students, are required to take alcohol drug classes, it will create an added sense of togetherness, wisdom, and prevention. That alone will draw a larger population of students and increase the school and students reputation for graduation.