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Tomorrow, January 19th, is the National Day of Service. The President and first lady are asking us to find a charity event and be of service in our community. Local Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) offices are asking volunteers to help raise awareness about underage drinking and driving under the influence.

As we all know, thousands of victims are injured and killed each year by drunk drivers. In 2011 there were about 9,800 deaths due to drunk driving and 31 % of accidents were due to drunk drivers. MADD has the following suggestions to prevent a friend or loved one from driving while under the influence:

1) Be as non-confrontational as possible

2) Talk slowly and speak plainly and calmly

3) Explain that you don’t want them to hurt themselves or others

4) Invite the person to sleep over.

5) Try to get the person’s keys.

6) Suggest alternate ways to get home like by taxi or with another driver. Make this transportation happen for them.

If you have been cited with a DUI offense and have not gotten in an accident or hurt anyone, the judge might let you off with fines, community service, a period of time of license revocation, and an alcohol awareness class. There is no doubt that you’ve already missed work or school throughout this ordeal. You’re probably thinking that going to an alcohol class is another time consuming, needless exercise that will just add to your problems. However, one way to avoid causing more work, family and school absences is to take a DUI class online.

Certain online alcohol awareness classes are geared towards helping offenders meet their court DUI requirements. These classes contain all the same information that you would find in an in-person class but are more convenient because they are available from any web-based computer device, 24/7. This allows the client to take the class at his or her own pace, whenever they want. Online classes are especially helpful when you find yourself with a court due date looming, and no class under your belt. Simply find a high quality course that is designed by a licensed and practicing therapist and from the moment you register, the class becomes available to you. From that time on, you can sit down and power through a days worth of material, or spread it out over a few weeks. The classes are easy to follow on the screen in front of you and the client doesn’t need to have sophisticated computer skills.

These classes are developed to meet requirements for court ordered alcohol or drug-related offenses such as minor in possession of alcohol, minor consumption of alcohol, possession of a controlled substance or possession of drug paraphernalia. However, it is the responsibility of the client to confirm with the judge, DMV or probation officer that they will accept a distance-learning program. Online DUI classes have been widely accepted throughout the U.S., but some states and jurisdictions expect offenders to attend in-person classes.

Simply check with your legal system and get approval for an online DUI class today. You can get the requirement fulfilled from home and put this experience behind you!