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When it comes to alcohol use and abuse, men and women are not created equal. Unfortunately for women, a recent study published in HealthDay News, suggests that women who are alcohol-dependent may be cutting their lives even shorter than smokers. According to Dr. James Garbutt, professor of psychiatry at the UNC, "This paper confirms the well-known association between alcoholism and premature death," and “it also supports the evidence that women are more likely to have more severe health problems from alcohol than men -- 'sicker quicker.' "

Women tend to get drunk faster than men, despite the fact that they may have had the same amount, because they tend to have a greater proportion of body fat. Fat can’t absorb alcohol, so it therefore becomes concentrated at higher levels in the blood system. Also, women have less of the stomach enzyme necessary to breakdown alcohol content before it enters the bloodstream. Therefore, women absorb almost 30% more alcohol into their bloodstream than men of the same height and weight and who drink the same amount.

The number of women who abuse alcohol and drugs has been steadily increasing in the U.S. and is now equal to about one quarter of all users. Women have an increased chance of the following complications due to alcohol abuse:

  • Heart disease
  • Poor nutrition
  • Cancer
  • Fertility and childbirth complications
  • Liver problems
  • Brain damage (shrinkage of the brain, dementia)
  • Osteoporosis
  • High death rate (suicide, accidents)
  • Breast cancer
  • Menstruation complications (early menopause, etc.)

If you or a family member are having difficulties resulting from alcohol dependence, it’s time to seek treatment before it’s too late. Online alcohol awareness courses are a highly suggested path for both men and women to start on. Often people with alcohol addiction issues are not comfortable taking the problem public at first. Online classes enable the individual to have a completely private, anonymous and safe environment to begin the process. Classes are available at the touch of a button, from any Internet based device. Nothing needs to be printed out or downloaded, so it can be taken from your living room, the library, work or the local coffee house. No classrooms full of strangers to deal with or pressure to “share” your story.

This most recent study continues to show an association between alcohol dependence and early death. Often people who are alcohol dependent also smoke, eat poorly and don’t take care of themselves. All of this in combination with the general degeneration of the body directly caused by the alcohol, is reason for alarm. Taking an online alcohol awareness class provides the education and support the addict needs to help overcome this detrimental behavior. Clients learn how to recognize the signs of abuse, how the abuse affects family and loved ones, stress management skills, and various prevention methods. Another benefit is that online classes can be taken together with other family members whenever it’s convenient for you. The support of having a loved one go through the program at your side can greatly help the rehabilitation process. Begin an online alcohol awareness class today to help create a new, healthier and emotionally happier life.