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Being able to mention topics like alcohol awareness isn't always the easiest thing in the world for a parent to do. In many cases, it's avoided until the last possible second, and in some cases avoided altogether. If you don’t know what to say to your kids about alcohol abuse, then there is the possibility of having them take an online class. Classes help minors learn about risks of alcohol and drugs so that they can make the properly informed decisions when the time comes.

Online classes are becoming the most effective way to teach teenagers techniques to get away from alcohol and drugs when they find themselves in a situation where it's offered. These drugs aren't just the kind that gets sold out of bags, but prescription drugs, as well. Parents, involved with their teens drug and alcohol education have a 42% less chance of being involved in alcohol related accident or being arrested for an alcohol related crime than parents who do not get involved.

Cutting these numbers even further involves enacting a prevention plan. Heavy drinking for many of the western world’s alcoholics begins either in high school or in college. To prevent the numbers of people abusing alcohol from climbing, and even make them drop a bit, online classes should be given at a younger age. This way our children will have the foreknowledge of what drugs and alcohol can do to you before they are confronted with it.

Being prepared is the best tool humanity as, the ability to think ahead, plant he future and communicate about with our loved ones. Classes help minors learn about the risks of alcohol and drugs at their own pace, and it can be done in such a way that no one needs to know or pressure them in any way while they are learning.

Online drug and alcohol awareness programs for those in junior high, or middle school, are a perfect alternative to making students sit a room packed with other students in an environment, which can seem more intimidating than comforting. By giving our kids the best alcohol and drug abuse tools possible, they will be able to fight off the peer pressure to drink or do drugs, stopping some from even committing horrible crimes they may not even remember.

If high school required a certificate of completion from a drug and alcohol awareness program nationwide, then the drop in teenage drinking may become noticeable and almost immediate. In political terms, almost immediate will mean a return may be evident within a year.

Classes that are taken should meet the state laws and come with a certificate of completion that shows courts and states alike that the individual holding the certificate has been trained to have the tools to make an informed decision for themselves about drugs and alcohol. It has been known to be a person’s best friend in court when facing a charge. Being responsible to our children and us is never something the court will look down on. The most common class taken is the 12 hour minor in possession class. Interestingly, Arkansas MIP Classes unlike other states have been on the rise.

There has never been an official poll or test conducted to determine if this type of education would change the death toll due to teenage drinking. Like all power, it comes with knowledge, and the knowledge our children have is only what we share with them. MIP Classes help minors learn about risks of alcohol and drugs, so share wisely, get them informed by enrolling them in an alcohol awareness or drug class today.