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Have you run into drug possession issues at work, school or with the law? Some examples we hear often are: You’re a legal adult and were out with a bunch of friends to go to a concert and unfortunately caught in the public parking lot doing a little pre-partying. Or, you have a child in high school or college and you’ve received the phone call to come pick him or her up because a group of them were caught in possession of marijuana. As a responsible and caring parent, you hop in the car and race miles to get him out of this mess. After hours of stress, you’ve finally paid the fines, secured release and are on your way home to have a talk and continue to try to sort out the details of the offense. In both scenarios, community service is usually mandated as well as a drug education class before the judge will close the case. The problem is that you travel a lot for work and are never in town when they hold the weekly in-person classes in your area. Or, your child goes to school full time, doesn’t have transportation and you work and can’t possibly get him to weekly in-person classes without running into trouble with your employer. Where to turn?

Online drug and alcohol awareness classes are the easiest, least expensive and most convenient route to take in this situation. You or your teen can take a Minor-in-Possession class, a Marijuana Education class, a Drug Class or an Alcohol and Drug Awareness class with the touch of a button. Online classes from the AJ Novick Group, Inc. are designed to cover all the topics that the court expects offenders to learn to fulfill the mandate. All you need to do is get approval from the judge or probation officer to take the class online rather than going to a traditional classroom because of your specific circumstances. For example, if your teen has been cited for an offense while home on a brief vacation but spends the majority of the year away at college in another state, the judge might accept an online program. Another scenario we have seen accepted is for truck drivers or people who travel a great deal for work and simply can’t make weekly classes without possibly losing employment. Lastly, health issues that prevent an individual from safely getting to a classroom, or that make it difficult to sit comfortably through a class might persuade the judge to allow an online program.

Once court approved, you will be pleased with the many benefits of taking an online course. Not only do you get to stay at home home but you can sit comfortably in your favorite chair and follow the class on your IPad, Tablet or even Smartphone. After you register, the class becomes immediately available to take at any time of the day or night and you can log in and out whenever you would like. Therefore, if you have to take a 12-hour class and only have 1 week until your court date, you can sit down and get it done in one weekend. When you complete the program, you can download your Certificate of Completion right away and a hard copy will be sent in the mail to you. And, an aspect that many of our clients really like is that taking the class at home gives you complete privacy. You don’t have to worry about going into a classroom full of people that make you uncomfortable or be concerned that you will run into anyone you know.

Spending some extra energy to get court approval for an online alcohol and drug class will save you money, hassle and time in the long run.