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Minor in possession classes, or MIP classes as they are sometimes called, help troubled youths that really need a helping hand rather than a jail sentence.  Most likely if your teen or youth is being required to take MIP classes it’s because they have been caught drinking or with alcohol in their system or been caught with alcohol in their possession.

Finding Minor in Possession Classes
You can go to your city hall information desk and request information on the next city backed MIP class. Most cities held classes are once per month, and classes can also be found online. If you are looking for an online option, one way to find a class, for example, would be to simply type in to Googe:"MIP Classes in New Jersey"

What’s Covered?
The MIP classes are split into 6, 8, 12 16, and some even 24 hours classes. The classes are self-paced and can be taken any time of day or night.  If the class is being held at a community center than the single 6 to 8 hour class is what will be most likely be required and completed on a Saturday or Sunday.
The MIP classes ranging from 6-8 hours cover the specific drinking and drug laws of the that county and state. The class instructor will spend ample time speaking and educating the youth of the physiological effects of consuming alcohol and/or drugs as well as the risks and consequences of alcohol and/or drug use.  After the youths understand the physical consequences, the instructor will teach them about the steps of addiction. How something can go from occasional use to complete dependency on a daily basis just to function. Alcohol is one of the last legal drugs on the planet, and without a proper education, the long-term failure into the abyss of addiction is very real possibility. 
One of the biggest steps of taking a Minor in Possession class is to complete a self-assessment. You need to be able to identify if you have a dependency issue or if you are an occasional user. The only way to do this is to honestly and openly is by discussing your chemical use history. There will be no charges for this, no repercussions other than trying to get over your own history of use and getting back on the road of pride and honor. 

Their Values
Finally, in a 6 to 8 hours class, there will be the values section. By the end of the class, the youth must decide and know, if their own values conflict with their illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol. The youth must learn to have values through the strength of honor and consequence, or in other words a good lesson in personal responsibility. 

The Parents
It may seem like all the work has to be done by the youth, but the parents need to be prepared to throw in a little work in class in the Minor in Possession class as well. The parent parts of the classes are usually much shorter, ranging from 2 to 3 hour and covers the parents legal responsibilities when their youth’s use or have drugs and alcohol. 

It also covers the dangers of youth drug and alcohol use but doesn’t just leave you woeful and worried. This portion of the class also goes over strategies to move forward and help your troubled youth achieve his or her dreams as they get passed their Minor in Possession classes.