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Has your son or daughter been caught for a Minor in Possession offense? Anyone who is under the age of 21 and is found with alcohol in their possession is committing a misdemeanor criminal offense. This doesn’t mean that your child has to be intoxicated, but the citation can also apply if the minor is holding someone else’s drink, is in a car where alcohol is present or if there is a pitcher of beer in front him with cups scattered around the table. If your child has been cited for this offense, then the judge will most likely require an alcohol and drug awareness class as part of the retribution, along with fines, a 30 day revocation of his license and community service work.

Taking an online MIP class is the easiest and most convenient way to fulfill the requirement. The curriculum of the online alcohol and drug class is similar to what they would learn at an in-person class, but the young adult can take it from their own home. Programs are designed to teach your son or daughter the education they need to understand why alcohol use is dangerous at any age, but especially while they are still so young. The goal of the court system is to assign these classes so that the situation doesn’t repeat itself.

Look for a legitimate program that is created by a licensed and practicing family therapist and specialist in the field. This will allow you to rest assured that the minor will get a thorough education about the risks to his mind, body and those around him when under the influence. He will also learn what the repercussions will be if he is caught for a second offense.

Online classes require a one-time fee. There is no additional charge for books or paperwork because all the material is presented on the screen in front of you. Teenagers who have grown up using computers particularly like this way of learning. Taking the class on a web-based computer at home allows the minor to choose whenever it is convenient for him to login and out of the class. One of the best aspects of taking an online MIP class is that it can generally be completed more quickly than going into a classroom. Traditional classes are usually scheduled for 1 hour a week. So, if he has an 8-hour requirement, it will take 2 months to complete. However, online he can get the class done in one day or one week if he chooses. It’s all up to him, not a learning institution.

So, how does the online MIP class work? It is in fact quite easy to complete the various chapters of the program. All your son or daughter has to do is to read through each chapter one by one. At the end of the course, the student takes a multiple-choice final exam. Once he passes with a 70% or better, a Certificate of Completion is sent to you. This is the document that you present to the court to prove the requirement was fulfilled.

Most courts across the country accept online courses. However, you should always check first with your judge or legal system to make sure they will approve a distance learning class. Some jurisdictions require in-person attendance instead. It’s worth taking the time to get approval, as you will be happy that you don’t need to drive your child across town during rush hour traffic to get to a class. Save yourself stress, and enroll your child in an online MIP class to fulfill legal requirements.